Zombie Jesus Day!

Happy Zombie Jesus day! Oh sorry, it technically is called Easter. So happy Easter! What a sucky day it has been. Health wise at least, mood wise I can't complain all too much I suppose. Being in a somewhat decent mood kinda just makes everything better despite the fact that I am in pain at the moment.

My gout has been acting up a lot more today. Really sucks. I am walking funny. Maybe this is what I get for laughing at people who are walking funny for various reasons. Wait, I don't do that! I am not an asshole. The fact that I live upstairs makes things more difficult. But I am managing the best I can. At least my mood is keeping my mind off of the pain for the most part.

This gout stuff started for me a long time ago...in a galaxy far far away, cue the Star Wars music. Sorry. Back in the summer of 06 I was going to have the house to myself for an entire week. My father was going out to Utah with my sisters. This was my first bout with gout, that I can remember at least. I got the double whammy though. I had it in both of my big toes. Yeah, it sucked. Really sucked. I was taking care of the house by myself and I literally could not walk at all. I survived though, obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this blog now. Wait, am I really writing this. Maybe it is my ghost telling someone else what to write. Again, don't mind me. Good mood and weird mood.

We were suppose to go by my brother's house for Easter but that didn't work out. I can't walk straight and my father is well being my father. He hasn't really been feeling all too great either. He is just getting over a gout flair up and he just overall is not feeling right. He thinks he has a urinary tract infection. Poor guy, it is always something with him. It was such a beautiful day outside today too. It was in the 70s and I couldn't enjoy it cause of my stupid gout problem. Oh well. Nicer days are coming up I suppose, right? We decided to heat up the stuffed shells that we had sitting in the basement for our dinner tonight. Then my sister Kathy brings over a bunch of food from my brother's house. So I had stuffed shells, couple of polish sausage, piece of ham, and a deviled egg. Yeah great combo Nick. Seriously dude stop eating like shit. Oh don't worry, I am going to start that soon. Walking was the first step, changing my eating habits again is the next one. Wasn't a total washout of Easter considering all that is going on. Still had some good food.

I've been struggling this month with things but I think I am getting a better grip on it. Just gotta keep at it and keep moving forward. Looking back and thinking negative just does no good. Things aren't perfect in my life but they aren't bad and I have some really awesome people in my life that I know would do anything for me. That in itself is a good feeling. My birthday is coming up at the end of the week, I should make this week, a week long celebration of my life. Celebrate the Nick. He may not be perfect, he may be an asshole at times, but he has a good heart and is loving and caring and most of all he is one awesome motherfucker. I think I deserve a week long celebration. Who wants to disagree with me on that?

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