The Walking Nick

Back into walking mode again. You would think this makes for a happy Nick. Well yes and no. I haven't been feeling like myself lately but with that being said I think I am on the verge of turning that around. I just needed that little push from a certain someone. That someone being me.

So I started walking again sometime during the middle of March. Not perfect weather but it was good enough to get out and go. For the first few times that I was out there I had to deal with a lot of ice. I was dodging ice every morning while walking. The ice did not win though. Ha I beat the ice!

Weather has finally started to be a bit warmer on a continuous basis which makes me happy cause now I can go for walks basically every morning, well unless it rains of course. Now if it would stop looking like a barren wasteland outside with the trees looking all dead like with no leaves. Give it time Nick.

Best part about walking is it gets me to think and I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Usually April is one of my favorite months of the year and so far this month I've been fighting a bit of depression and stress. Self inflicted of course. I think way too much and I over analyze everything and I always come up with these scenarios for all situations in which usually end very badly. Hey I can't help it, I've been through a lot of shit over the years. At least I realize that I am my own worse enemy and if I want to defeat this shit I basically am going to have to defeat myself. Easier said then done but I can do it.

With the weather warming up it means another thing. I can set stuff on fire again! I dunno what it is about sitting in front of a fire pit for a few hours but for me it is very therapeutic. I can sit there for hours upon hours just watching the fire. Maybe I will be able to use the fire pit this week. Suppose to be in the 60s or close to it a few days. Totally could use a night for sitting in front of a fire.

I bet people thought this would be a blog about zombies. Ha! Fooled you all! Although at some point maybe I should finish the Face story that I started a long time ago. I dunno how many times I have said that recent months. Maybe one day I will actually just do it.

Ok that is all for now. Think I'll be back later with another blog. I am trying not to put all of what I want to say in one blog cause that would just turn into a mini novel. Plus three blogs in one day from me. Oh my God! So exciting, right?

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