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I was told that I need to write more so despite the fact that it is after 1am here and I should be sleeping I feel like I'd rather write instead. Yes I know, it has been awhile. I have a lot to say of course and I don't think I am going to cover it all now or it will end up being a damn mini novel. So I'll try to be brief in getting y'all caught up on the latest happenings in my life.

Been on WoW a lot lately running my guild Team Splat. Ok, I have help running the guild. I don't want to make it sound like I am doing everything by myself cause I'm not. Things are going good. We started doing a few raids here and there. Little to no drama and if there is any drama it is behind the scenes or it is coming from that other guild that we left. We refer to this guild as snot.

Ok so a few weeks back I was on the snot website trying to leave the damn thing. Apparently I still had admin. I had joked around about how I could totally fuck up their shit if I wanted to. Not worth my time. Anyways, the website builder they use is a bit confusing. So when I tried to leave the group I accidentally rejected an application. Opps, no big deal right? No one uses the page anyways. Turns out it was the beginning of world war 3 when I clicked the wrong button. Within like ten minutes I was banned from the site. Thank you for that, all I wanted to do was leave it and you helped me out.

All was quiet until the next day. We put a recruitment post up on the Thrall fb group and it was fine at first then bam. Snot members came from nowhere. Apparently I am a backstabber, a liar, a douche bag, etc. Man just because I left to go do my own thing people think so highly of me. Regardless of what people may say or think I was unhappy for a long time. In fact I had planned on quitting after our Christmas party. I think I get the backstabber thing cause I held a lot of things that I didn't like in until the very end. It probably came out of nowhere. Anyways I admit I was an asshole and I was n asshole to certain people but I went through this in a previous blog. All we wanted to do was recruit and that went to shit quickly. It got worse.

Along comes this dude named Eric. He was accusing me of kicking him from the guild website. See maybe if he actually went to the website he would of seen that he was still a member of the website. What happened is when i rejected that one application apparently everyone's application got rejected even if they were a member of the website. Really silly if you ask me. Anyways he went on the attack and decided to say something bout me being in love with the a member of my guild. Lesson learned about confiding my feelings to someone I thought I could trust. I'm the backstabber though, right? Anyways, I won't deny that there are feelings for the person in question cause they are there. She knows this already. We've talked about it. She is a great friend and has become an important part of my life. That is where we stand. It is funny what people will try to use against you. After I pointed out how much of a retard he was cause he is still part of the guild website he decided to attack how I look. He was telling me that I look like Sloth from the Goonies. You know what? I'm not even mad about that. Sloth is fucking awesome. He is my idol. "Hey you guys!" Come on, who doesn't like Sloth? Compare me to Sloth all you want, I take that as a compliment.

It didn't end there. Friends of mine getting messaged to watch their backs and how I am a backstabber and this and that. Telling my friends to tell me to stay the fuck off their website. If I really wanted to fuck with your precious website that hadn't been used in two months I would of put a bunch of pictures of like dicks and put for a heading "this guild is run by a bunch of dicks". I left it alone. You know why? Cause I was trying to leave your stupid page! Oh and my old gm bitching bout how she was the one that came up with the word splat. Actually Stacey the word splat was not created by you. I am sure the word has been around for a really long time. Plus our guild name is Team Splat, not Splat. I don't ever intend on changing it cause I love the guild name. I am sorry you are stuck with HGTPW which stands for Hot Girls That Play WoW. Also this whole backstabbing/two-faced thing is getting old now. People act like I am the only one who ever was an asshole to people or talked shit about people. There was plenty of that going on with the other officers. I can at least admit some of the stuff that I said, can they?

Yep more WoW drama. Maybe my life is boring without some WoW drama added into the mix. Every time I say that I am moving on something else comes up. It has been quiet though for a little bit at least. I just hope it isn't the calm before the storm though.

I'd add more bout what else has been going on in my life but I will save that for the next blog which hopefully will be sooner then later. Until then word of advice. Stay off WoW. The more you stay off the game the less drama that you have to deal with.

Oh and I just reread the blog I had wrote about my old guild and in that blog I said I would never mention stuff bout my old guild again. Ha! Never say never apparently? As long as nothing else happens though I am done talking bout this situation.

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