Easily distracted

Spring in Wisconsin is always a mixed bag. For the most part it is cool because the lake is still cold and we get winds off the lake. Lake Michigan was almost entirely frozen over so it is going to be awhile before the lake warms up. Mother Nature always throws us for a loop anyways without the help of the lake. One day it can be in the 60s and less then 24 hours later we are dealing with snow. That is what almost happened in the past few days.

During the middle of the night last night there was an eclipse of the moon and it turned the moon red. Oh no, the world is coming to an end! I am rather surprised that I didn't hear more about how the world is coming to an end in the days leading up to the blood moon. I said something on my facebook about how the world wasn't going to end anyways cause I made a deal with God that the world couldn't end until I had sex again and that would probably be at least another 50 years. At least I have a sense of humor. Man if I didn't have a sense of humor life would suck really bad. Anyways, the blood moon, it was really cold outside at 2am. 67 degrees a few days ago to the 20s last night with a wind chill in the teens. I didn't stay outside long to see the moon. It was cool though. Then of course I realized I could see the moon just fine from my windows upstairs. Good job Nick, you could of avoided the cold.

Next few weekends for me are going to be busy. This weekend is Easter weekend, the following weekend is my birthday weekend and my nephew's communion, and then the weekend after that I am going to  a wedding. I need a date for the wedding. Anyone wanna go with me? Oh come on, I will be a perfect gentleman! Oh and add in that one of those weekends I also want to go to the zoo. Actually most weekends from now on, as long as the weather is nice, will be busy for me. Fire pits and music will be the majority of my Saturday nights.

Two hours later and I am still trying to write this blog. What can I say? I am easily distracted at the moment by random things. Maybe it is just a sign that I am just not with it today to write a blog. So with that I think I will end the blog and post what I have. Fear not I will be back soon with something else to talk about, I do have a whole list of crap in front of me

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