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Few weeks back I decided that I wanted to make stuffed shells. I decided that I wanted to try bacon stuffed shells for a change. I've never tried it before but I figure bacon is good, everyone loves bacon, why not give it a try. Let me just say that deciding to give bacon stuffed shells a try was one of the best decisions ever.

I've made stuffed shells plenty of times so what I need and how to do it is all in my head by now. I had decided that I could go shopping without making a list of what I needed. Well actually I had went shopping but didn't decide to shop for the shells until I was at the store already. I figured I could save myself from making another trip. Yeah that did not work out so well. I got home from the store and determined that I had forgot the cheese. How can I have stuffed shells without cheese? Ugh so I would have to make a trip to the store for that.

Two days later I went back to the store to do some more shopping and I got the cheese that I needed along with some other stuff. Figured I was all done. Friday night rolls around (same day) and I am sitting here at my computer thinking about a few things and then it dawns on me. I normally make the stuffed shells in disposable pans cause it is just easier to clean up and you can store them in the fridge as is. Well I never picked up the pans. Son of a bitch. Another trip to the store coming up.

Saturday morning I had to go to the store again. A friend of mine told me that I should make a list. I was like but I am only going for one item this time and she insisted I make a list. So on my third trip to the grocery store for my stuffed shells I made a list. It took three trips to the store to get all the stuff I needed for my shells. Had I made a list in the first place maybe I would of gotten all my items the first time around. I guess the moral of the story is to make a list.

Stuffed shells turned out good. The bacon ones are now my favorite. They were pretty awesome. I still have a full pan of shells sitting in the freezer in the basement cause as usual I made way too much for just two people. I am saving that for a rainy day. I have so many people wanting to try out my shells. Maybe people need to live closer to me.

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