Patience. Thankfully over the years I have learned to be more patient when it comes to certain things in my life. Trust me this is never easy. Sometimes I want to bash my head into a wall  over certain stuff that happens over the course of the day. I don't do this however. As upset, mad, etc that I may get I manage to calm myself and think positive thoughts. Besides if I smash my head into the wall it might hurt and well there would probably be a big hole in the wall by now. We don't want that.

I think I am just going stir crazy. As much as everyone thinks I am a home body I totally am not. I don't like being in the house 24/7. It drives me nuts. Like bouncing off the walls type of nuts. It is amazing that I am not as grumpy as I probably could be. Hell at least when it was warmer outside I didn't necessarily have to go anywhere. I could just go out into the backyard and see what I can set on fire. That is not an option at the moment. Damn you winter. Every time I think of going somewhere out driving it gets too cold or we are getting snow. I was thinking bout going out Saturday but I see it is going to be cold and more snow. Warm up already! I want to be able to go for my walks again! I know if I don't like this weather I can move somewhere else. Except for I can't move anywhere at the moment.

Again thankfully in other aspects of my life I have developed a great deal of patience. You kinda have to after time. You won't always get what you want right away. There needs to be some sort of effort or fight to get there. I know before I use to think of something and be like ok I want it now with little to no effort. No wonder why I was such a negative bastard. Those days are gone at least. Sure I have my moments but they are short lived. I am a positive person. In fact my theme song is "Shiny Happy People" by R.E.M. Ok totally kidding but there is a little inside joke to why I picked that song. Which I think is explained in earlier blogs.

Just hang in there Nick. The stir crazy stuff will pass in time. Continue on having patience cause in the end everything will work out fine.

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