Good feelings

Today has been a test of my emotions. It is the anniversary of my mom's death and yeah that greatly effects me but people in general are testing me today. No fucks are given today though. You want to come at me with shit be prepared. Otherwise I've been total opposite the past few days after a rough week last week. This is why the title is good feelings.

Up until Friday I was in this shitty rut being emotional on and off. I'm still having some moments of emotions especially today. To be expected though right considering what day it is? Still I dunno what entirely happened to make my mood change around on Friday but it was pretty awesome.

The high point of my day I think was in the afternoon. My friend Christine needed some help with an xbox for her daughter. They couldn't get it to work for her Just Dance game. She was told that she had to basically move the computer and internet upstairs in order to get it to work. I told her that was a bunch of bullshit cause if it is a wireless modem then it won't matter where the xbox is. So I went over there. Screwed around with the xbox and then with her computer. They were trying to connect through a guest internet instead of the actual internet. The internet also wasn't accepting outside wireless connections. So I changed all of that and got the password set up on the router and then yeah I fixed the problem. Everyone was so thankful that I was able to fix the problem. It was a reminder to me of one of the best qualities that I have and that would be me helping other people. It makes me feel good.

The rest of the weekend I was in a fairly good mood too. Nothing really specific happened. Just same ole stuff. Well the Super Bowl was yesterday and I watched bits and pieces. The Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl title. Few of my online friends live near the Seattle area so that was really cool for them. Despite the fact that I should probably hate the Seahawks after the fail mary game awhile ago I don't hate them. They are a good team and I was rooting for them.

Today has been kinda an on and off rough day though but I am fine for the most part. I woke up and listened to the song Time by Alan Parsons Project, it was the song played at my mom's funeral. I couldn't make it through the entire song. Made me tear up. I teared up when we got into the cemetery. I had a nice talk with my mom though while I was there. So I know I am good and everything is alright. The song Nothing Else Matters came on the radio on the way home and yep got tears again. Again though I am fine. A few people have tested my patience today but I have no time to deal with that. Quite a few people have been amazing though and I really appreciate that.

So now I will turn on some Black Sabbath and take a deep breathe and just think about the good things that are happening in my life and what is to come. Plenty of good is on its way and it will outweigh the bad. As a friend told me a few days ago: "all good things are worth waiting for".

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