To take chances

Hello 2014 and a new year of most likely neglecting my blog. The new year started with a big bang here. Coldest we have been since 1996. Wind chills were around -40 and the temperatures were like -13. It has warmed up a little bit but it is still chilly here. Going stir crazy cause of the weather. Its ok cause the next few days I'll be getting out of the house more.

Christmas was pretty good. My sister got me this plasma electric ball. I don't know where to put that in my room yet but it is pretty damn cool. I've been wanting one since I was like a teenager. She also gave me money on top of that. I got money from my father and then on Christmas my father let me scratch off this word game lottery tickets. I matched what I thought was five numbers which would of been a ten dollar winner. Instead apparently I matched enough words to win $60!

On Christmas Eve my sister Cindy came over and made us spaghetti, which was pretty awesome. Then like we do every year we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. One of those movies that you laugh before stuff happens. After that I hung out with my sister by her house. We watched some Christmas stuff. When I walked outside to go home it started snowing. When I got home I just kinda stood there and watched the snow come down. Was a special moment in my opinion.

I'm always a bit sad when Christmas ends. You wait around for it, you decorate, hang out with family, etc and then its all over. Hey I kinda keep the Christmas spirit year round though by hanging up Christmas lights in the other room and keeping them up.

New Years eve wasn't really too eventful. Stayed at home and made a roast for me and my father. We also had some shrimp and I cut up cheese and sausage. Oh and I had some booze and I may of gotten a bit drunk. I don't do it very often. I am allowed to do it on occasion! Course the next morning I kept saying to myself that I will never drink again. We all know this is going to end up being a lie. Still I don't do it very often. Maybe twice a year. I had a few good laughs that night. I may of stumbled into a wall or two but its ok.

So new years resolution. I try not to make resolutions to be honest. I'd rather pick some sort of theme for the year and stick with it the best I can. I'm not going to make a list of things I should do or I want to do. I am going to keep that to myself this time around. No one needs to know what my plans are besides me anyways. So my theme for this year is "to take chances". I'm pretty sure that I don't need to go into an explanation on what that might mean. 2014 I am sure will have ups and downs but I am confident that it will be a good year.

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