The sex factory

Back in school again. In a hallway. Not sure if it looks familiar or not. What am I doing here again? Do I have a class to go to? Where is my locker? Wait, do I even remember my locker combination? Confusion sets in. Seems like I have done this so many times before. Maybe I have? Wait, haven't I been out of school for a long time now? I'm almost 35, what am I doing here anyways? Maybe I should just leave? Can't shake that feeling that I should be here though.

I walk through the hall in this confusion like state. I feel like I should be here but I'm not really sure I belong here. I have no books, no backpack. I don't know where I am suppose to be. Is that my locker over there? Lets try it out. Wait what is my locker combination? Do I even have a locker combination? Oh forget it, lets just roam the halls and see what happens.

Saved by the bell. Alright a bell. Is it time to go home yet? It looks like people are preparing to leave. Ok so I guess I will just follow them out the door.

I open the door to go outside and it does not even look like it should be a school zone. What the hell is this place? It looks like a construction type area and a bunch of condemned houses. Why is this right by a school? How did I end up here? I see some people. Maybe I can get some answers. I walk up to a few people and say "excuse me". Next thing I know everything is black.

I wake up. I'm in some place underground. Looks like a construction area. Fencing everywhere. Chains everywhere. Looks like a few boilers going as you can see the flames coming out. I am a room with a bunch of men. Everyone is quiet. What is this place? A group of women come out. They are all wearing barely any clothing. Can't make out exactly it is that they are wearing though. Still groggy from being knocked out. The head lady, I assume she is the person in charge, starts speaking but I can't understand what is being said.

Guys are being taken out of the room by this lady and various other females. Finally the lady comes to me and says ok you are next. I have no choice but to follow so I do. I then get explained that I will be given a female to have sex with and I must do whatever she wants and if I refuse to do so it will result in my death. Any other day I probably would of been ok with this but this whole situation just seemed wrong. We past cross various men and female performing various sex acts on each other. Some the men are in control while others the women are in control. Everything is out in the open so people can watch each other. I think to myself I don't want others to see me naked. Maybe there is a way out of this?

I'm taken to this blonde hair female. Have to admit she is very nice looking. I get the feeling she does not want to be there either and is forced to do this. The head lady says to me ok get at it. I look at the blonde and she looks back at me and I can see in her eyes that she does not want to do this. Before the head lady walks away I say I can not do this, there must be something else I can do to save my life. She was like alright we have another building that has old people in it. We can take you there and you will have to do what is required of you. Great so I assume that instead of having sex with this beautiful blonde I am going to be forced to have sex with an old lady.

Something happens though. All the leaders need to go upstairs for something but requirement the strength of men to raise the platform. Suddenly I find myself helping to raise this platform for these people. It is so heavy. I think I'm losing my balance. Yes I am losing my balance. I don't think I can hold on. My hands slip from the platform. The platform then topples over and everyone on the platform falls down and I assume that they are dead. Everyone stops what they are doing to look to see what happens.

That is how it ends. Not sure what happens next cause I woke up.

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