When I agreed to go to the Pink concert with my sister and a friend of ours I did so knowing that it wasn't going to be my typical concert that I go to. I like a few Pink songs but I was never really a huge fan of hers. I do love music though and I love going to concerts so I agreed to go. I figured it might be a good show. Before the show though I did make sure to try to briefly listen to the Pink catalog so I wouldn't be totally lost.

First time driving to downtown Milwaukee. Nervous? Oh definitely. We originally were thinking about busing it but I took a test run out there with my father and decided yeah I got this I'll drive. Wasn't terribly bad going out there. Trying to find parking in the parking structure though was another story. We had to go all the way to the top which of course comes into play later on.

The BMO Harris center is pretty nice. I'm just going to call it the Bradley Center cause that is just what I am use to. Sadly they want to get rid of it so the Milwaukee Bucks can have a new home. Yeah the Bucks need a new home cause they are so great. Especially with their 7-27 record at the moment. Thats a story for another time, maybe. We were sitting in the upper section which actually turned out perfectly cause we could see the stage really well from where we were. Seats were tight with very little room to maneuver which kinda sucked.

The eye candy however made up for the tight sitting conditions. Oh yeah as I had mentioned in my previous blog I was looking forward to the eye candy at the show and there was plenty of course. There were a lot of guys in the crowd but the majority of the crowd were females. Tons of lesbians too. Not sure why I felt like I had to mention that but apparently I had saw somewhere that Milwaukee is the number one city in America for lesbians. Interesting. This explains a lot. Anyways lots of eye candy. Eye candy is good!

New Politics was the opening band. There weren't too bad. They reminded me a lot of Fall Out Boy and Fall Out Boy is a band that I have grown to like in recent months after basically staying away from their music just cause I didn't like their name very much. Never dislike a band cause of a band name! Anyways decent band. Don't know any of their songs but they sounded decent.

Pink came on and I'd have to say the show was definitely worth the money. There was a little movie to begin the show and then a little movie to end the show with credits. The stage show was pretty awesome. You had dancers, stripper poles at one point, trapeze artists, a metal sphere in which she was dangling from, etc. She started off the show by bungee jumped some twenty-five feet above the stage. She sang some fan favorites and then slowed down her set for an acoustical set with her guitarist. She had a short little drum solo and even played piano for one song. She was constantly interacting with the crowd. Accepting gifts and even signing autographs in between songs. Never seen any other artist do that before. Was pretty cool. At times it was hard to hear her talking in between songs but her voice was amazing throughout the show. During the last song of the night she was on a harness and was flying right above the crowd. Dropping down so low to nearly touch the hands of fans down below. That had to of been one of the coolest endings to a show that I have ever seen. At the end of the night I knew that I definitely enjoyed her show and have a new found respect for her and her music. She made a new fan last night.

Getting out of that place was a nightmare though. Since we had to park way up on top we basically had to wait until most of the cars down below us were good. So about five levels of cars had to go through before we could leave. Just to leave our parking spot took a good forty-five minutes. It was ok though cause in the car we had good conversation and good music to listen to and the delay was to be expected so it was ok. My first experience driving downtown to go to a concert wasn't too terrible so I'd do it again and I may have to coming up as my next show is Feb 1st. Going to see the Pretty Reckless again. Should be a fun show.

So to summarize. Pink was pretty awesome and she gained a new fan last night. Eye candy is good. Fear of driving downtown diminished. Going to another show in a few weeks.

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