Overload. That is how I have felt for the past week. Overloaded with shit. Honestly though it has gotten better but man I wish there was an on/off button to my brain so I could just stop thinking about stuff or letting stuff build up and bother me. Really though compared to how I use to be I think I handle stuff pretty well. I still manage to wake up smiling most mornings.

I dealt with a lot of WoW related crap late last week into earlier this week. I'm not going to get into specifics or anything. Its a video game. Problem is since I am helping with running a group of people on the game I often find myself in a shit storm when people decide to be idiots. It got to a point where I decided to drink last Friday just to eliminate my "give a fuck" button. Hey and it totally worked too until I was dealt with more shit the following morning. I know someone would say to me well you know the simple solution is just to quit WoW. Sounds simple right? It is not. I'm not even going to go into an explanation on why it is just not that simple. At least the WoW related bullshit has toned down this week.

Saturday night I spent the night over by my sister's house. The plan was to drink and get drunk and forget about all the other bullshit. Well I drank but no drunkenness for me. Probably good since I got drunk the prior night. I had fun over there. Majority of the time we listened to music and watched various concerts. Pink, Metallica with the big four bands, Judas Priest, and Fall Out Boy. Was a fun night.

What else is going on? Oh I have to mention that despite all the bullshit on WoW I was told last night that I was the glue that keeps the guild together. I liked hearing something like that. Maybe I needed to hear something like that. I feel a bit more important instead of just some asshole who logs on to make bad jokes and ask females for pictures of their boobs. Btw asking for boob pictures just hasn't worked out too well for me yet.

I was given the nickname Grumpalumpagus due to my grumpiness the past week. I like the nickname but seriously I am not grumpy all the time. It happens in phases and the past week yeah I have been a bit of a Grumpalumpagus. I definitely am not as grumpy as I was a few years back. I don't know how people put up with my shit to be honest. For those that stuck around awww thank you. Those who decided to leave? Kiss my ass.

Thats about all for now. I am trying to keep my blogs shorter then what everyone is use to. No one wants to read  a 100 page novel for a blog. Or maybe people do? I dunno. Does anybody actually read this stuff anyways?

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