Just a little dream

We all have dreams. We picture ourselves in what we want to do. Dreams come and dreams go. Some of them are realistic and some are unrealistic. Despite being told I have no hopes or no dreams I too even have dreams of doing great stuff. Some of them may never happen but it doesn't mean you should stop trying to get there.

I always feel so inspired after I go to a concert. The people, the music, the cheering, etc. It triggers something in me and I think man one day Nick if you could just be good enough you can make it on stage. That would be a huge step from me being this shy socially awkward 34 year old to being on stage in front of people cheering or well even booing. I realize dreams of becoming big one day is well not realistic. Who says I want to be a big rock star though? Playing music in a band is the dream.

Back in high school my Plumbing teacher told me music wasn't a realistic goal. Apparently dieting was a realistic goal for him. Sorry, I shouldn't take shots at someone especially when I'm overweight myself. I played guitar on and off during high school though. I actually did on several occasions play with other people. Nothing ever really panned out though. Then I went through phases with playing guitar. Had the opportunity to play some stuff with a drummer. Was kinda cool but again nothing ever panned out.

In high school though a friend taught me some chords and showed me a pattern to play and to this day I still play that little guitar piece. I haven't officially titled it yet but its a nice little short piece that over the years I have modified. It is a reminder that if I keep at it one day I may just get my wish.

I don't want to be a big rock star. I don't even care about touring around the world and all that. I just want to make music with other people. I just have to keep at it and eventually I will get there. The more you do something the better you become at it. One day I will be on some sort of stage or performing in front of more then just a few people. I may be shy and I may be scared shitless but its something I want to do.

Never give up on your dreams. Even if you feel they are ridiculous or are never going to happen don't give up on them. People put you down about stuff just brush it off and keep trying. The only thing that prevents you from doing what you want to do is yourself.

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