Flying flashlight

I've had many different paranormal experiences. I've talked about them quite a bit in other blog entries. I wouldn't say things happen in my house on a daily basis. Maybe I have just gotten so use to it that it doesn't even really phase me all too much. Well Tuesday morning was one of those mornings that got my attention. I am not even saying this is paranormal but I am sharing anyways cause I thought it was funny.

Tuesday morning I am sitting here listening to music. I was singing away, headbanging, playing air drums and guitar. Basically I went full retard mode. I was in a good mood. On my desk near my phone there is a flashlight just sitting there. Been there for ages and I've never had any issues with it falling or whatever. Well I am not entirely sure what happened but I am sitting here looking at the keyboard and next thing I know this flashlight falls towards me and barely misses me before hitting the ground. I'm just kinda sitting here like what the hell is going on. Something with enough force had to of hit it to make it fall like that. Possible I could of bumped my desk but I don't recall doing that. If it was a ghost trying to fling a flashlight at me cause of my bad singing well use something next time that might not kill me!

Didn't really phase me all too much as I went back to doing what I was doing. Not sure this is paranormal whatsoever but it is funny enough to mention. My full retard mode nearly got me killed by a flashlight. I am being over dramatic or am I? What if the flashlight hit me in the head and I was knocked out and was bleeding profusely? See this really isn't a laughing matter! Either way I probably bumped into my desk causing it to tumble at me or some ghost really did not like what I was singing so they wanted me to shut up. It shall remain a mystery I suppose.

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