Flinging bottle caps

Hey we actually reached 40 degrees today. Not too long ago we were at around -15 and today 40. Definitely felt nice outside. Was like a mini heat wave. It is going to be short lived though of course. Going to be a mess with some freezing rain again and some snow. Oh well. It is still winter here so not surprising.

My sister Trink had a bd party for her husband Scott yesterday. Lots of good food and I had fun trying to hit people with bottle caps. The little kid in me came out a bit yesterday. I blame my brother though. He was encouraging me! I was using a plastic fork as a catapult and flinging bottle caps around. I hit myself more then anyone else though. I guess I felt the need to amuse myself someone and that seemed like the best way. One of the guys at our table near me was like "I'm getting out of here, you people are dangerous". No one was hurt though or lost an eye.

I had mentioned that I am going to go see the Pretty Reckless in a few weeks. Tickets were cheap and I actually got two sets of buy one get one free. Course the fourth ticket, no idea who is going to use that one. I have a few weeks to find a potential date, I mean another person to go with us.  A date? Lol! I don't know of anybody who would know that band though. Hell my sister and our friend doesn't even know the band but I convinced them to go.

The subject of dating. My horoscope said something to the effect that I should give dating a try. I'm just going to laugh it off and roll my eyes. Course my horoscope has been saying this type of stuff off and on for a long time now. Maybe it is on to something? Not going to put too much thought into that at the moment.

Short blog tonight. Quality over quantity right? Plus I got distracted by my cat who decided he needed five minutes of attention after bugging me for like ten minutes. Damn needy bastard.

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