Last Friday morning I wake up with my nose all stuffy, my nose hurting, side of my face hurting, etc. Great, another sinus infection! Thankfully now it is getting better but yeah I deal with this crap way too much during the winter. I'm moving somewhere else. Screw you Wisconsin! You can take this winter and shove it up your ass.

Despite this I decided that i would go out shopping on Friday cause we needed stuff and my father wanted me to. So I went out shopping. Not really a big deal other then me being in grumpy mode all morning. I went in and got out as quick as I can. So I headed back home and I turned down our block and I noticed by our driveway there was a car parked across from it. I can't emphasize enough about how narrow our street is and how shitty our driveway is trying to pull in and out of it. So with this asshole being parked right across from the drive I knew I would have a difficult time getting in. Especially since we have snowbanks and whatnot. I started screaming off the top of my lungs at this car. "YOU MOTHERFUCKER. PARK YOUR FUCKING CAR SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!". Seriously I screamed it. I haven't screamed like that in awhile.

I decided that I was going to take a shower and then take a bath and turn the jets on in the tub. I figured this would be a great way to relax me. It was a great way to get me relaxed. I kinda started to forget everything going on during the day. That peace and relaxation did not last for long though. Few days earlier we had a problem with the drain in the basement after running the shower and it would flood up a portion of the basement. So you can guess what happened when I decided to fill up the tub? Yep, I flooded the basement. Course there was quite a bit of standing water so I had to take the vac designed to picking up water and had to fill it up and dump out the water. Time consuming process. At some point I stood there laughing about the entire situation cause I guess that is sometimes how I handle stuff like that. I said to myself that there is no way this day could get any worse so it is all uphill from here.

A plumber did come over to check it out and it was a clogged drain. Nothing that major thankfully. So now we shouldn't have that problem in the near future I hope.

When I said the day would only going uphill from here, I was totally right about that too. Story for another time possibly.

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