Pizza burn

Everyone has heard of rope burn or rug burn but what about pizza burn? My thought to this I guess was how the hell do you burn yourself on a piece of pizza? Apparently it is more common then I had thought. People get anxious to eat a hot fresh piece of pizza without even realizing there is an actual danger of burning the inside of your mouth if it is too hot. Sounds really silly though right? Trust me it can and it will happen.

This past Saturday I decided to have some leftover pizza. Stuffed crust five meat pizza. Sounds good right? Well since it was stuffed and I had to rewarm it I had to keep it in the microwave for longer then usual. Anyways I go to take a bite of the pizza and holy shit was it hot. Like I don't think I've ever burnt my mouth like that before. I immediately spit out my food. What I should of did right away was get an ice cube in my mouth to help out but I didn't do that until later on. Anyways I continued eating and wasn't really concerned about my mouth.

As the night went on my mouth, well I don't know how to really even describe the pain. It was a major discomfort and anything I did hurt. I did put an ice cube in my mouth and tried to go on like it was business as usual. I did at least check my mouth to see if things seemed ok. Don't think I checked it good enough to be totally honest.

Sunday morning when I woke up I had terrible discomfort in my mouth. Hurt like hell and was very difficult to swallow anything. This time I decided to take a flashlight and see what my mouth looked like. You can tell where I burnt my mouth. Near the back off my mouth on top kinda near the right side of my mouth it was not only red but there was a nice big white blister from where apparently I scorched my mouth. Course with my anxiety I was like well what the fuck am I going to do? I start freaking out when I was reading stuff online about it. Word of advice, when something happens never go to the internet to find your answers. This is something that I know from previous experience but I still do it anyways. However I did find some helpful advice about it and found out I can treat it without having to go to urgent care or go to the ER.

Sunday was a bit of a rough day. Had to really be careful about what I ate. I was constantly sucking on ice cubes. I also saw that using warm water with half a tablespoon of salt helps the healing process so I was doing that quite a bit. Just do not swallow the water or salt cause it can get you sick. I also went to the store and bought some ice cream type stuff. Anything to sorta numb the mouth to get rid of the pain. Oh yeah and some pain pills too.

After a rough Sunday, Monday was a bit better. My methods of dealing with this were working. The big white blister was basically gone just now dealing with some annoying discomfort and soreness. Tuesday basically the same and then yesterday the affected area was smaller.

Today the affected area is still a little bit red but the area in general is a lot smaller then what it was. Not a lot of pain when doing anything so that is good. Overall I dodged a bullet cause it could of been a lot worse. I could of been dealing with the area getting infected and whatnot but that did not happen.

Moral of the story I guess would be don't think  you are immune to anything and even something that might seem or sound silly can have some bad consequences. Oh and don't forget to blow on the pizza if it is too hot before deciding to eat on it. You will thank me later cause you definitely don't want to burn the inside of your mouth. Or you could just avoid all this shit completely by not eating pizza. Who really would want to give up pizza though? Not this guy.

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