Friday October 11th

There is something about a Friday falling on October 11th for me. In the past 17 years this has only occurred two times before today and those two days were significant events in my life. It is said to leave the past in the past but what about good memories? There is nothing wrong with dragging up good memories especially if you consider them to have some impact on your life. So I will write a bit about the two days in question.

October 11th, 1996. The night of my first Marilyn Manson concert. How can a concert be a life changing event? Trust me, it can. I was excited about going to a show with a bunch of people but I did not know what to expect. I just knew a lot of freaky people listened to Manson and people dressed weird and whatnot. I also only knew two Manson songs but a few months before this I went to a Ministry concert without knowing much of their music and they also turned out to be one of my favorite bands too so I was willing to take a chance.

The Manson concert was amazing. I enjoyed the music and the show a lot. By the end of the show it didn't matter if I knew the songs I was getting into the music. This show changed a lot for me. Manson became one of my favorite artists and normally I go out and buy every new album when it comes out. I've seen him a total of three times in concert. Not only do I like the music but the lyrics in the songs. They have helped me through some tough times in my life. It also taught me that I shouldn't take everything at face value and it is ok to question things. The Manson concert played a key role in my life up to now.

Friday October 11th, 2002. I was always interested in the paranormal. I grew up in "a haunted house" and had many experiences throughout the years even outside of that house. I liked telling ghost stories to people and at the time I started looking up haunted places in Florida. Hell if I was that interested I may as well go out and adventure, right?

That night I was reading paranormal stuff and was reading about how pictures can show stuff that can be considered paranormal. So I decided to browse through my stuff and I was shocked at what I found. There was a picture and in the upper corner there was a face of someone or something. I know that cameras can glitch out and whatnot but then I looked at the date of the picture. Feb 3rd 2001...3 year anniversary of my mother's death. I was all excited that I had found something and had to show everyone right away. This is the convincing that I needed to go out "ghost hunting".

We set out that night with flashlights and a video camera and decided to explore the Witch's Road in West Palm Beach. We must of looked like a bunch of idiots driving down this road that is supposedly haunted by some witch but we didn't care. We were having fun. We were taunting this witch to come out and do something. Then it happened. Strange noise. We all freaked out. It was said at the time that there was nothing in the road that was possible of making the noise we heard but later it was confirmed we drove over a tree branch and our friend did not want to say anything.

We then went to a local cemetery. In the cemetery there was a mist that kept forming and disappearing and looked to be taking the shapes of things. I am not convinced that it was anything paranormal but it was the only "foggy" place in Palm Beach that night. Could of been from the sprinkler system. It was enough to freak us out and make us believe that ghosts are out there.

I still have the video tape from that night. Although I haven't watched it much recently it is a reminder of the good times I had while I was in Florida and a reminder of what really sparked my interest in the paranormal. I don't do nearly enough with the paranormal as of late. I do live in a house that has stuff constantly going on but I rarely mention it. I've gotten use to the knocking on the wall, the foot steps, lights turning on and off, seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, my couch shaking in the middle of the night, etc. It is a part of daily life for me and I am ok with it.

Had I never found that picture I don't think I would of gotten so involved in the paranormal so I will never forget that night 11 years ago.

I guess everyone is wondering what or if anything special happened this year since October 11th fell on a Friday. The day is not over with yet but nothing really major has happened today. Actually that is not entirely true. I've had some time to do some reflections and think about what has been troubling me lately. I won't go into a lot of detail about it right now but I came to a conclusion today. My conclusion is that even if I say I will be alone forever that I won't be alone forever.

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