The Zoo

The zoo is one place that I always loved to go to. I love animals. In fact I think sometimes I love animals more then I love humans. Here in Milwaukee we have a pretty big zoo. Not as big as some other major cities but it is pretty decent.

Few months ago when my father was thinking about renewing his zoo card he was considering not renewing it because we don't go very often. It is hard for him to walk around at the zoo. He gets tired easily. I suggested to him since I finally started to drive that maybe it was time to put the card in my name. I don't think I had ever went to the zoo without my father being there but since he has a hard time walking around it made sense for me to take ownership of the card and that way I could have another guest go with me.

When I was younger I would get so excited about going to the zoo. I remember when we had planned days to go there I would wake up super early. It was like a second Christmas for me. I'd be awake at like 5:30 in the morning trying to wake my parents up so we could get ready to the zoo. Mind you it doesn't open until like 9am. Didn't care. Was so excited to go. Some of my favorite things to see were monkey island, the big cat house, and the polar bears. My parents had adopted a polar bear for me from the zoo when I was really young. Think the polar bear was named Miska. I always loved the jaguars too. They were always my favorite big cat. Two things that we always did was get to the big cat house around their feeding time and we would always go to the lake area and feed the ducks popcorn. Such good times.

This past Saturday was a day of firsts for me. First time driving on the freeway since I got my license. First time going to the zoo by myself. I wasn't exactly by myself. My sister Cindy went with me but it was the first time I had to drive to the zoo on my own. Was a bit nervous but I handled driving on the freeway just fine. The zoo itself was pretty crowded. It was also a Saturday so I am not surprised by that. I don't necessarily like big crowds but I don't let it stop me from enjoying stuff.

The zoo was fun. It was warm outside and that sun was beating down on me. Thank God for sun tan lotion cause I would of been burnt. Lots of the animals were laying around doing nothing or in hiding to where we couldn't see them. The elephants were active. They were doing an elephant show type thing and they were doing tricks. Was pretty cool. One of the black bears was laying in the water on his back. It was cute and funny. Other then that I don't recall any other animals doing much of anything. Oh the hippo was swimming around and occasionally came up for air very slowly. He was like teasing us with brief appearances. I was a bit disappointed with the big cat house. Over the years it has been remodeled and I don't like it. It was too crowded in there for one thing and there is barely a lot of walking room cause of being overcrowded. Back in the day they had a ton of different big cats and now it just seems as if they are focused on having a few. My favorite building at the zoo has turned into a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I still like seeing the animals just I don't like what they have done to the big cat house.

Overall though the zoo is still fun. I still really enjoy it there. I can't wait to go back in a few months to check it out during the fall and heck maybe even possibly during the winter. For those of you ever planning on coming to Wisconsin or specifically Milwaukee in the future the zoo is one place I recommend you check out. You won't be disappointed.

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