My 200th blog. Most people from what I have seen write a few things and then get bored or whatever cause of lack of support or whatever the reason may be. Here I am 12 years since my very first blog and I am still writing regardless of who sees what or who comments. Technically this is my 200th entry on this blog but if you add up all the pieces of writing that I have done since my very first blog on livejournal back in 2001 and then me moving over to myspace blogging back in 2005 I have written well over 1000 blogs. Too bad most everything that I wrote before starting this specific blog is now gone. I regret getting rid of everything at times but I kept going back and rereading this crap and to be honest I didn't like who I was for a long period of time so a lot of what I had written I did not like so I felt that I had to throw away that part of my life. Not the first time I've thrown away apart of me and I am sure it won't be the last time.

Haters, they say if you have haters that means that you are doing something right. Sure my life is not figured out and there are tons of things I should do differently but my life is just not that bad. I have abolished most of the negativity that was creating havoc in my life and yeah that is not entirely easy but I have done good with that. This summer I've finally become a bit more independent due to me going out on my own and driving places. I never liked relying on people to cart my ass from one side of town to the next so it has been rather nice going out and about on my own. Like I said I don't have everything figured out just yet. I am a work in progress and I will figure it out one day. I have a few haters though and I felt I should say something at least to all the people who either don't like me or have things to say about me behind my back. My message to them? You can fuck off. Don't act like you are perfect and have everything figured out in life because honestly very few people have everything figured out. Most people have their own ups and downs and struggle with many things. Instead of worrying about what I am doing worry about yourself. If you feel the need to continue to spew the shit at me though it is fine cause yeah I may get angry or upset but I am just going to use that as motivation to do my thing. I have never believed that I am better then anyone else or that I am perfect and have no flaws or faults at all. What makes me different then a lot of people is I can admit these things. Some of the people flinging their shit at me, can you? Can you admit your wrong doings, your fuckups, or take responisibility or blame for any of your actions?

Enough of that cause I think I made my point. As I said I have been out and about by myself more this summer then ever. Mainly been hanging out with my sister Cindy. Every Saturday we seem to be doing something. Last weekend was just a hang out in front of the tv and watch a movie night. Prior weeks we have had a bonfire in her backyard. So nice sitting out listening to music out by a fire pit. It has become one of my favorite things to do. In fact we got our very own fire pit and last week I sat outside a few times setting stuff on fire. I am pretty sure the neighbors hate me as smoke went pouring through their windows at one point last week. This weekend we are going to be going to Wisconsin state fair. Should be a good time and the weather looks like it is going to be great for it too.

I've decided to quit WoW once again. I think this is the sixth time. I can never say that these things are permanent though. There is just something that keeps drawing me back to that game. I am not even sure if I really am going to quit, I mean my account runs out on like the 21st or something but I am sold on the idea of just giving it up again for awhile. We'll see what happens. I have been pretty quiet about my account running out cause I am sure a few people will be like "wtf Nick, why?". It shouldn't be something new or surprising though. I mean this is like the sixth time I have unsubscribed.

Been slacking with the dieting in the past few months. I am still walking though so that is a plus but yeah haven't been doing good with watching what I eat. I am trying to change that for this upcoming month but temptation is there. I just have to resist it. I need to do more exercising then just walking. I was going to but I never got around to it, I think I need to change that. What a great time to start seeing as how we just started a new month. I'll keep my blog updated with my progress.

I also have been slacking on guitar playing. Ugh Nick! You were doing so well. I think because Rocksmith has pretty much stopped production on the game with new songs and such to work on Rocksmith 2014, which btw has a pretty awesome track list so far. I was playing like 1-2 hours a day and I need to get back into that habit again. I love playing music so I need to get back into it again.

So there was blog number 200. I have some other blogs brewing in my head atm, I just didn't want to add all that stuff into one huge blog so I will make separate blogs for separate ideas. Also I should be adding new content to the MndFk website soon too. Been having some interesting dreams and instead of posting those here I will contribute to that page. Things will be changing in the upcoming future for me. This isn't just one of those things that I hope will happen. It is one of those things that will happen.

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