10 Keys

Almost eight years ago I left Florida to come back to Milwaukee. Milwaukee isn't too bad but I admit I miss Florida. Yeah I had some rough times living in Florida but I've had rough times living anywhere I have lived. Florida though was fun and I met some great people while I was living there. It also was the last time I lived out on my own so yeah of course a part of me misses that. One day it is possible that I may go back down there but for now I am content with where I am.

On my key chain I've been carrying a ton of keys that I no longer have use for. Not entirely sure why. Memories maybe? Or I was just too lazy to sort through them and decide what wasn't need anymore. Since I've been driving more I have had two separate key chains. One is for the house and the car and then the other one with all of these now useless keys. I thought to myself that it is retarded to have separate key chains and it was time to go through them.

A few weekends back I finally got all my keys together and decided to go through them. My main key chain that I was not using cause of all the useless crap has Darth Maul, Darth Vader, a gargoyle, and my WoW authenticator on it. I wanted everything to be on just one thing though. All together I had seventeen keys and after going through all of them ten of them I no longer had use for.

The ten keys that I was about to shoot out were all keys that I had while I was living in Florida. I am not entirely sure what all of them were for now but I know one was for the old car me and Jen had, one I believe was for her father's house, one was my old apartment, and I know one or two of them were for our mailbox. The rest of them I am not sure what they were for. They all found a new home in the garbage as none of them I have no further use for.

After eight years ten keys that held onto my past in Florida are now gone. Not like those keys made me recall bad memories of living there but it was time to get rid of them. Like any bad memories that I have of Florida they are now useless and was time to dispose of them.

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