This past weekend

This past Friday the summer concert season began for me. Which is what this blog is going to be about. I still have a few more shows that I am going to but I have been lacking in the writing department lately so I wanted to get caught up.

First off since I got my license back in September I hadn't been out driving much. To be totally honest up until last Friday I had been out one time on my own. I was going to be doing the majority of the driving over the weekend to the park and ride to get to our shows. Bit nervous yes? But by the time Sunday night came around I was fully comfortable behind the wheel or a car driving by myself. In fact I love it. Now this is something I should of did when I was a teenager but hey better late then never right? Now I have a bit of freedom.

First concert was Tom Petty on Friday. Wouldn't say I am a huge fan but I do enjoy quite a few of his songs. The weather wasn't terribly bad at Summerfest on Friday until the concert decided to start. Petty was the only show in which we were stuck in the bleacher seats and I was worried about rain. Prior to the show I was watching the clouds and whatnot roll in and it was doing a good job of holding off. Then the opening band the Smithereens came on and it started down pouring. Yes this made things sorta miserable. In fact I was soaked cause for whatever reason I did not bring any protection from the rain. Before Petty came on the rain let up a bit. Then he came on and I must say I was impressed with his set. Nothing flashy just good ole rock'n'roll. It did rain a little bit during his set but it was nothing to damper the mood. He played quite a bit of songs, 20 song set list I believe. Played a lot of songs that I liked and knew. I appreciate his music a bit more now after seeing him live. There was a lot of energy on stage and within a nearly sold out crowd. I was impressed with the show from start to finish. Glad I decided to go to this show.

Saturday night we were suppose to see the band Imagine Dragons. They are a fairly new popular band. I did not take into consideration that it might be a mad house for the band despite the fact that they were going to be playing on a free stage. Yeah that was a mistake. We never made it inside the Summerfest grounds. Hell I am not even sure we would of been able to get a ticket. I know Summerfest is terrible on Saturdays but this was just mass chaos of which I hadn't seen before. No real lines, no organization, no nothing. Just a mass amount of people. So me and Cindy decided to take off and we ended up spending the night at her house chatting, listening to music, and then watching a bit of tv. Considering the stories that I had heard about what happened during that show on Saturday night I am glad that we left. They eventually let people in for free for 15 minutes prior to the show and there was literally no walking/standing room. People were getting pushed around. Fights broke out. People were climbing trees and fences to get into Summerfest. One lady supposedly suffered broken ribs from what was going on. Another disturbing part was liquor was being handed out to teenagers. So I am glad that we missed this show. It sounded a bit too chaotic for my taste. Maybe next time they will plan accordingly and have Imagine Dragons in the main venue.

Sunday night was a show that I am not use to going to. I went with my sister Cindy to see Pitbull. Again Pitbull is not someone I am really familiar with but the music is mostly categorized as rap which made Pitbull my first rap concert. The band Far East Movement opened up and they were ok other then the fact that every two minutes they had to announce who they were. Um yeah ok we got it the first twenty times. They also were on the stage far too long in my opinion. I felt like I was at a rave. Although I have never been to a rave so I just assume that is how it is like. Pitbull was delayed coming on the stage cause of a few idiots fighting near the stage. Apparently they didn't want the music to start until the situation was under control. Hey maybe if there wasn't so much time in between bands the music would help people forget why they were pissed off for and fighting in the first place? Anyways the Pitbull set was fun. I mean it is different then what I am use to. People dancing around and whatnot. Pitbull was full of energy and so was the crowd. I will mention that compared to Petty Pitbull only managed to fill half of the venue but it didn't slow him down. I thought that the show was full of energy and was a nice change of pace from what I am typically use to when going to a show. Pitbull went through a ton of songs in the hour and fifteen minutes that he was on the stage. I wonder if he would of been on longer had it not been for the idiots fighting. Anyways not a bad show and not a bad weekend for concerts.

I am looking forward to the next concert which is tomorrow night. I will be seeing the band Rush for the first time ever. Again I am not a huge Rush fan but I do know quite a bit of their songs and I have listened to them for years so it should be a lot of fun. I spent the day today catching up on songs that are on their set list for this tour. I can't wait.

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