Jumbled mess

The past couple of weeks have been a weird mix of different emotions for me. I have gotten out of the house more which is a good thing but I have had a bit of a lack of sleep and then I dealt with boredom when I am not going out and doing something. People have been more irritating as of late. Maybe they were just always irritating but I just put up with it? I don't know. Then there was a feeling of exhaustion. Then came the leave me the fuck alone phase. I've just been so jumbled with different things.

The last show we went to was on Saturday to see Neon Trees. By Saturday I was feeling worn out cause of all the shows that we went to and well we did a lot of walking around on Saturday alone. My sister's friend Mary was insanely drunk at Summerfest. I couldn't understand a single word she was saying and well she kept like hugging me and whatnot saying I love ya and whatnot. Was funny at first but then got a bit annoying after awhile. She was starting to push everybody's buttons which caused us to sorta ditch her and go off venturing on our own. The one thing I like about Summerfest is people watching. You see all sorts of people while walking around and going to all of these shows. I do the same thing at concerts. I watch other people and what they are doing. I often think to myself of other people "what the fuck were they thinking?".

Neon Trees were good. Not bad for a side stage show which was for free. Wasn't terribly crowded and we could see things just fine. They are a fun band to see. Lots of energy and they try to get the crowd involved in their shows. Just by the time they came on that night I felt dead to the world. Four shows in eight days, I am not surprised I was feeling beat. So I probably did not enjoy the show as much as I could of thanks to how I was feeling.

Lack of sleep hasn't helped. Not sure why I haven't been able to sleep. I guess it could be cause I have been excited and anxious with all the shows I have been to. Anyway I was finding it difficult to get a good night sleep for awhile. Finally in the last few days I have been sleeping a bit better. Not sure what changed. Maybe I just chilled the hell out.

People have been irritating me. It is little things that set me off too. At least though I am not yelling at people or saying overally horrible things, I have just been quiet and kinda like in a leave me alone mood. I imagine I am not always the easiest person to get along with cause of how I get sometimes so this thing probably works both ways. While people are irritating me I probably am irritating them in the process. It is a vicious cycle. I don't like feeling irritated. I think it stems from having a lot to do and then very little to do. Well gee Nick maybe it is time to hit up some of your hobbies. You know like writing or guitar playing? What a brilliant idea!

I have a bit of good news though. I am going to be contributing to http://mndfk.tk/. Mainly going to be sharing dreams of mine and stuff like that. I am excited to be writing for something different other then this blog. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog but maybe with me contributing to this other site I will get some more exposure.

Thinking of taking yet another break from WoW. This will only be like the sixth break I have taken from the game. I'm just bored with it and I want to just focus more time and energy on other things. Not going to be a permanent thing, just another break.

I also need to pick up my guitar more. After hearing so much good music in the past few weeks and hearing varieties of different music I really want to get something going with that. Band wise at least. I want to play music with other people. I really am open to playing basically anything. Except Bieber or One Direction. Anything else I am open to!

That is all for now. I have felt like a jumbled mess but I am unjumbling myself. Besides feeling a bit jumbled wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It got me to write.

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