Happy Fourth of July to everyone! I use to love this holiday as a kid. It always meant starting my morning with one of the many July 4th parades and then usually meant family coming over for a cookout and then going to where my father use to work to go inside the building and check out most of the fireworks from around the city. I remember having my own personal 4th of July parade carrying a small flag and usually some sort of patriotic hat. Those days are gone now but it appears I have a new 4th of July tradition and that would be going to concerts. Last year on 4th of July I went to see Iron Maiden and this year I am going to see Rush. Really looking forward to it, it should be a good show.

On Tuesday was the four year anniversary of the passing of my sister Mary. I can't speak for everyone else but I know I miss her. Sure we had our differences and she was a bit difficult to get along with but that stuff just happens in family. When she wasn't being Tazmanian devil she was actually pretty cool to hang around with. The story of what happened with her is tragic. Yeah a lot of it could of been avoided as some of the things going on throughout the years was self inflicted but it is still tragic and sad. Her urn still sits in the living room. A bit creepy? Yeah and we probably should have it buried one day but until now she is still in the house. Well she is always here spirit wise.

On to the other Mary I know. She was released from prison finally. She is currently on probation and is going to be hopefully moving back to Florida soon. She deserves a fresh start and to be away from all of the horrible memories of Colorado. Today is also her birthday so I figured I would do a shout out cause I am a nice guy like that. Happy birthday Mary. I can't even begin to imagine what she went through in that hell. It is nice to have her back though. We still have our crazy conversations and I can still tell her anything that is on my mind. It is nice to have a friend like that. Now I can say that I know an ex-con. I am kidding Mary. I am convinced that everyone should have a Mary in their life.

I have to admit the last few days have been pretty boring for me. I was out and about three nights in a row and then had little to do the three days after that so boredom endured. It is ok though cause the upcoming days I will be busy again. Rush tonight, Neon Trees on Saturday, cookout on Sunday, etc. I should of been writing while I was bored but eh whatever. I was actually falling asleep rather early for me on those nights. Like between 10:30-midnight. Yes that is early for me considering one of the nights over last weekend I was up until 3am. After the summer concerts are over I have stuff to get done though so my level of boredom shouldn't be too bad, I hope.

Hope that everyone has a safe and a happy Fourth of July. I know mine should be fun!

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