Seven years

So it has been seven years since my life ended due to me playing World of Warcraft. I am kidding. My life didn't end. I mean really if it did would I be sitting here writing a blog. Well I suppose I could be in spirit form telling someone else what to write for me. Yes I am next to a hot red head whom is typing this up for me while she is naked. Ok sorry enough bout that. On Thursday it was my seven year anniversary of playing WoW. I am undecided if it is a good or bad thing so I will leave it at that there have been good and bad points in the past seven years of me playing that game. I've made friends, I have lost friends, I've met some cool people, I have met some people I would throat punch in real life, I have had my share of drama, I have also had many laughs. So it works both ways I suppose. On Thursday I did win a guild raffle and got to pick a pet of my choice so there was a bit of reward for the time spent on the game. I was going to talk about some of my experiences over the last seven years on WoW but I figured not only would I bore the hell out of me but my readers might be prone to bashing their skull into the wall and we don't need that. My readers are important to me.

Honestly there is not a lot going on at the moment in my life. Again I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I guess it means that life at the moment is calm and there is not much to make it hectic. I am going to take this as a good thing. Starting next weekend though starts the summer concert season for me. I am going to like five shows in a matter of 8 days. So my hearing is going to be shot and I am going to be tired. I love live music though so I can't wait. Who knows maybe I will meet my true love at one of these shows!

Speaking of which my horoscope for the past couple of weeks keeps telling me that romance is on the rise. Is this with or without chloroform? I am still debating the answer to that one. Oh come on Nick give yourself a little bit of credit, you have never had to use chloroform before! With all of this being said though I do have to say that there is someone who has caught my interest. I do not know much about her at the moment though but I am interested to find out more of course. Someone I met on WoW of course. Go figure. You know Nick maybe if you went outside once in awhile to see the world you may possibly meet someone outside of that game. Hey now I am socially awkward and shy. It takes me a long time to be myself around someone and then when I am it can be very difficult to shut me up. I hear chloroform works though. I am just maintaining this wait and see attitude for right now. Oh and this means the female that I mentioned a few months ago is definitely out of the picture. Nothing more to say there.

Yes I know this is a short blog and I can already hear my loyal readers crying while reading this but I just wanted to give a brief update on a few things. Don't fret though in the upcoming weeks I shall have more stuff for you to laugh at, cry at, get pissed at, or die of boredom from. Have a good night!

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