On vacation

Figured that I would spend some time on a new blog while I am in my hotel room at Wisconsin Dells. Let me start off by saying that I still do love this place. If I had to pick a place to move to that was in Wisconsin I would want to move around this area. There are lots of things to do here and the area is just beautiful. People are pretty decent too. It is nice to be away from Milwaukee. It has been awhile. Think my father needed a break more then me though. Been a rough past year for him. I am just glad he got the ok from his doc to be able to travel again.

The trip here was fine. My father had bought a van back at the beginning of this year and we have finally started to use it a bit more recently. It is a pretty nice van and it certainly beats using his other car the vibe. Not that I don't like that car but there is much more room in the van. Anyways was a decent drive here. I actually did not fall asleep during the car ride which for me is unusual. I always fall asleep on long car rides. Never use to do that but whatever. The one thing I noticed on the way here is that there is so much road kill in Wisconsin. It is kinda sad. Some of those animals it looks like people purposely went out of there way to demolish them. I guess it just happens though. An animal is risking his/her life crossing the road so yeah bad things are going to happen. We saw about three dead deer on the way here too. Which made me a bit sad. You know out of all the traveling we have done I have never seen a live deer cross the road or near the road. I've seen dead deer just never a live deer. I actually missed one years ago. I had fallen asleep and we came across a deer crossing the road. Go figure that I miss it.

We have eaten a lot of food since we got here. That is no surprise. People eat on vacation. They got rid of the Ponderosa that use to be near our house in Milwaukee so when we come here we make it a point to go to the one here. Man their chicken wings were so damn good. I seriously could not stop eating them. Couldn't tell you how many I had but wow it was a lot. Then today we went to one of our favorite places here called Pizza Pub. Love that place. They have a lunch buffet that has all you can eat pizza and spaghetti. All sorts of pizza too. Different varieties. I had some barbecue chicken pizza. Good stuff. The spaghetti was freaking awesome too. Ate way too much. I recommend this place to anyone who comes out to the Dells. Tomorrow it sounds like we are going to go try and hit this Chinese buffet that we found. I've been craving Chinese food lately so yay! Hopefully this Chinese buffet will be a good one.

Haven't done much since we got here. It has been basically raining and kinda on the chilly side. This is ok. We never plan on doing a lot when we get here and I am fine with that. The hotel we are staying at is pretty nice. My only compliant is that we are on the 2nd floor this time around so it isn't as easy to access the outdoors as it would be on the lower floor but that is ok. I spend most of my time in the lounge area watching tv, browsing my laptop, and checking out the view outside and enjoying the cool crisp air from the patio screen doors. We are near Lake Delton but it is hard to see the lake through all the trees around but again I am not complaining. I appreciate the simple things. Besides you see animals in the trees and whatnot and well I am an animal lover. Not sure what we might be doing tomorrow. Since the last time we were here they opened up a wildlife park near downtown Dells and it looks rather interesting. Not sure if my father can handle doing a lot of walking around. It is ok. Seriously there are a lot of things to do here but I am fine just hanging out in the lounge area.

We leave to go back home on Friday and I am always sad when we leave this place but I am grateful that we do get to come here every now and then. Think we are already discussing our next trip here and this time we may get my sister Cindy to come along. That would be cool. Honestly it would be awesome to get the entire family to go on vacation together. Not sure that would ever happen. It is a nice dream however.

That was my update on what has went on this week so far, well vacation wise at least. A lot more peaceful then my last blog which makes sense cause right now I am kinda taking it all in and I am at peace.

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