They're here!

Yesterday I was watching the movie Poltergeist. I haven't watched the movie in years. Well it seems like it has probably been years. As a young kid this was one of my favorite movies. Still one of my favorite movies to date. The sequels however I won't watch them. It is not that I think that they are bad or anything. They aren't as good as the first movie of course. The old man in the sequels really use to freak me out as a kid. I believe I use to have nightmares about that dude. He was creepy, no doubt about that. Don't know who has seen the 3rd movie but there is this part where they are in this highrise building and he ends up becoming like a giant and yeah it is just creepy. The night that I saw Poltergeist 3 I kept picturing him hoovering into the sky. Yeah I did not sleep much that night. Anyways Poltergeist is a great movie. The sequels are alright but the original is a classic. I was thinking to myself after watching the movie that our house in particular had been quiet with any paranormal activity. I should stop thinking stuff like that to be honest.

The problem with Hollywood movies is they overdo the hauntings and that ghosts in my opinion to make them seem much more scarier then they should be. Of course this makes sense. They want to scare people and the more scared people are the more they will go back and see the movie. Yes I know there are all kinds of crazy ghost stories throughout the years, possessions, exorcisms, etc but in most cases what you see in Hollywood is just to scare the crap out of people. Blair Witch Project in my opinion is a brilliant horror movie. You don't see what it is that is hunting and scaring them but throughout the movie you get the sense of how terrified that they are and that there is probably no possible way out of their situation. You never see what is haunting them. This is why the movie effected me a lot. Throughout the years in my experiences with strange noises and whatnot it is very rare for me to see what is actually there. This is why the Blair Witch Project was brilliant. You use your imagination as to what it is that is tormenting them. This applies to real life situations in the case of hauntings and ghosts because the majority of the time we know a ghost may be there but we don't see it. The first Paranormal Activity I felt was really good at this too. You never actually see anything but the noises and whatnot are there. Then bam at the end of the movie you finally see the chick possessed after she throws her boyfriend across the room. After that movie Paranormal Activity lost some steam though cause they kept with the same formula and by the 4th movie you just expect something crazy to happen. Don't take Hollywood movies about ghosts and whatnot so seriously though cause like I said in most cases it is greatly exaggerated.

Getting back to the activity in my house. For some time now it is usually directed at my father. On occasion I will hear something or see something out of the corner of my eye but my father has experiences with what he says is someone grabbing his arm in the middle of the night, his chair or bed being shaked, the light in the bedroom constantly turns on and off by itself, etc. I have seen the light in his bedroom do this on a few occasions. Usually if I walk to the bathroom I will look in there and see the light quickly flicker on and off. It is just something I just come to expect on occasion. I can go on and on about some of the stuff that has happened in this house but I would be repeating myself from earlier blogs.

Today is my sister Mary's birthday. It is coming up on four years since she has passed away. Usually around birthdays or holidays I expect something to happen in this house. The month of May in the past couple of years have been active ones. I should keep my equipment nearby during this month. Anyways I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room the past few nights, change of scenery I guess. It was around 12:30 in the morning or so when I decided to lay down to go to sleep. I had just shut my eyes and I hear my cat Loco screwing around with something by the tv. I decided to open up my eyes and see what she was doing. This is when I saw the ceiling fan on that side of the room slowly moving like it was on a low speed. I thought that was weird cause normally the fan is turned off at night and I had assumed it was off before I even went to bed. I laid there for like a minute or two before deciding to get up to investigate. Sure enough the switch was off. I was like what the hell, why is the fan spinning by itself if it is turned off. There are no windows open in the living room at night. I suppose if the heat turned on from the air vents if the current was strong enough it could make the fan move but I have never seen that fan spin by itself as a result of any kind of air coming out of the air vents. The air vents are on the floor anyways and the fan is well on the ceiling. Plus the speed that that fan was going at was consistent as if it was on or someone was pushing it along. So yeah the fan could be possibly explained but in this house you have to keep an open mind and expect that it could be something else at work here. Anyways I stayed up and I am sitting here at the laptop and then sometime later I hear some noise that sounds like someone is messing with a jacket somewhere near the kitchen. Don't really know what it was. Almost sounded like a jacket being dragged on the floor. I never went into the other room to investigate. Some time passes and then my cat Loco is laying on the couch and she keeps constantly steady staring at the ceiling. Animals can sense things that people can not. At that point it was late and I was tired so I just was like whatever and decided to go to bed.

This morning when I wake up I decided to talk to my father about what happened. I ask him if he experienced anything weird last night and he said no. Then he says oh yeah the other day while you were upstairs the tv in Mary's old room was on. He was like all of a sudden I hear a bunch of people talking and I go into that room and the tv is on. So yeah apparently the tv in my sister's old room decided to turn on by itself the other day. Maybe I should get a reality show started about people attempting to stay the night in my sister's old room? Never know, it might be a hit!

I don't pass everything as being paranormal. I do try to think of logical reasons why things happen in this house but sometimes there are things that just can't really be explained. Of course it is easy to get paranoid and think everything is paranormal in nature but I do try to think of a logical reason for all of it. I still think ghosts just like this house or in general like me because I tend to pay more attention to this stuff then a normal person would. This is why I have more experiences then a lot of people. Maybe someone is finally trying to tell me that I need to dig deeper into the paranormal like join a group or something? Either way I will just end the blog by saying the famous catchphrase from the first Poltergeist. "They're here"!

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