A graduation to remember

Weird dreams are nothing new for me. This is why I started a dream journal in the first place. I'll be honest I haven't had many interesting dreams since I started that journal but there is one and I definitely have to share it with you all. It happened a few weeks back so I will try to remember it the best I can.

I was at school with my mom and I am pretty sure it was the last day of school. I was a bit distracted cause I was suppose to go see Metallica with my friends later on that night. My mom was reminding me to completely clean out my locker and that we had to go to some sort of graduation assembly. I didn't want to go but I guess I really had no choice. I am not entirely sure if I am suppose to be graduating or not.

We go to this assembly and there is this blonde chick with glasses talking to us at the assembly. She is an older lady. She also won't shut the hell up. I am unsure of what she is trying to tell us because I really am not paying attention. I notice people that I know like old friends from high school and whatnot. My mom is also there with me.

The lady then asked all of us to sit around in a big circle cause we all needed to bond more. Sorta like a therapy session I suppose. She also wanted us to sit on some sort of device. I look at my device and it is a white piece of plastic that has a needle attached to it. I am thinking to myself what the hell. This is going to hurt if I sit on it. So I try sitting on it and the needle is going into my ass and it hurts quite a bit. The lady insists that we all sit on these devices though. So I manage to somehow maneuver the device to where the needle isn't sticking in my ass.

As we are sitting in this circle the lady is telling us to express our feelings. So a bunch of people start arguing and calling each other assholes. A lot of people are being downright rude. Then next to me are two couples that are both gay men. One of the couples is just making out with each other but the couple that is next to me are attempting to perform oral sex on each other but they have them self covered up so people can't see what they are doing even though it is obvious. Then kinda keep bumping into me and I am just sitting there trying to stay away from them because for some reason I am really afraid that they are going to end up getting something on me. Like I guess one of the guys was close to orgasm. Yeah don't think I need to explain more why I was freaking out. Then across from me was this girl who was wearing a cat suit. She looked like Cat Woman from Batman. Anyways she was masturbating and really getting into it. I am just sitting there staring at everything going on thinking to myself what the fuck is going on here.

Next thing I remember is being by my mom again and it is the morning after. We are walking and I believe we are on a hill and the sun is shining brightly. I apparently missed my concert that I was suppose to go to. The last thing I remember about the dream is my mom saying to me "I told you that it would last all night".

Gotta love those weird dreams right?

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