Figured it was time for a new blog. It is a warm and humid day outside today and we are sitting in air conditioning. See knew this was gonna happen. Go from shitty weather to humid weather. We can't leave the house open when it starts getting too warm cause it bothers my father a lot. That is ok because by the time it reaches 70 outside it starts getting way too warm upstairs and I blast my a/c unit. Enough about that though, time to talk about the happenings in the past week.

Last weekend spent quite a bit of time cleaning and I finally organized the upstairs a bit again. I don't even want to mention the last time I cleaned cause well it is kinda sad. No one ever goes upstairs though besides me so whom am I trying to impress anyways? Still it was long overdue for a decent cleaning. I want to do some further rearranging and whatnot but I am not entirely sure what I want to do.

Memorial day we had a get together at the house. I invited everyone and even invited my cousins. I usually only see my cousins when there is a funeral or a wedding and well I'd like to change that which is why I invited them over. Monday was a shitty day outside weather wise. When I had originally planned for a barbecue the weather was suppose to be sunny and in the 60s. Well it ended up being in the 50s with wind, clouds, and on and off rain. Not ideal cookout weather but whatever. Made way too much food and people brought stuff over. We are still eating the leftovers. I had a bit to drink on Monday too. I don't get drunk very often anymore. Usually maybe once a year. The thing I don't like about getting drunk is feeling like shit the next day. No I didn't have a hangover but I just felt dead to the world on Tuesday. Anyways though it was great to have people over and see everyone. I enjoy having people over. When it is just me and my dad here he drives me nuts. At least with other people around he can drive other people nuts.

Today I reached 70 days in a row of walking. I am going to be honest that some mornings it is extremely hard for me to get out of bed and decide to go for a walk. I still do it though. It is just something that has become a part of my daily routine. If I am proud of anything that I do it is the fact that I have had enough dedication to continue to walk every day. I want to do more then what I am doing though and I will in the upcoming months. I am going to stick to my goals of losing weight and trying to eat better.

May was a pretty busy month party wise and just other stuff going on and June is shaping up to be a busy month too. Going to the Dells with my father next week then we have another party to go to next weekend. Then you have father's day and at the end of the month is concert season at Summerfest. It is ok though, I want to stay busy. The busier the better.

I do have other things to talk about but I will leave that for the next blog. Hopefully be up by tomorrow.

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