I was outside earlier looking at the full moon and I said to myself that it was time to do some writing and update everyone on some of the latest happenings in life. It has been awhile since I wrote anything. Not that I didn't want to write just you know things have been some what busy in the last couple of weeks. So here I go. Sorry if this ends up being a novel but hell by now I think people should be use to it, right?

Up to 64 days in a row of walking. Pretty good huh? I haven't really lost any weight but that is cause my dieting has sorta sucked as of late. The important thing though is I am not gaining any weight either. I have found the key to keeping me from gaining weight. Awesome. Now why the hell did I not have this years ago? That would of just solved so many problems.

My sister got married last week and then had her reception last weekend. It was nice. It was really good to see some people again. Old friends and family. I rarely ever see my cousins. When I was younger I use to see them all the time. I know as people get older you usually don't see people unless it is at weddings and funerals. Well you know things can be changed right? I did a little bit of drinking at the wedding. Typically I don't drink so I am not surprised that I did end up drunk. I was mostly buzzed until we got home. When I got home is when it all hit me at once and oh was I feeling good! My first time drunk in a very long time. At least things have changed and I no longer feel like I should get drunk to feel happy. Anyways to try to keep up with seeing family more I decided to invite my cousins over for a Memorial Day cookout. Originally I wasn't going to have much at all and now we are going to have a ton of people over. I don't mind though. The more the merrier.

My niece Kimberly graduated from high school. This just makes me feel old. So now out of 3 nephews and 2 nieces both my nieces and one of my nephews are out of high school. You know what would be great? If we could stop the aging process. I suppose though you only look as old as you feel. That is a mixed bag for me. Some days I feel old and some days I don't so whatever. Congratulations to my niece for graduating high school. Good luck in college.

My father was given a good bill of health. I can't say a clean bill cause he still has some issues but the doctor told him today that he is ok until at least September. Which is good. One less thing for me to worry about. Ok so not everything is perfect but I think everyone knows what I mean. He was also cleared to go on vacation if he wants to so we wasted no time in planning a trip to Wisconsin Dells. Can't wait! Last time we were there was back in Sept of 2011.

I have other things to talk about but I am going to stop there. Oh by the way referring to my last blog, well the one before the dream related one. The one about the ceiling fan going by itself. I decided to test the theory about the air/heat kicking in and causing the fan to move by itself at a constant speed. Yeah the theory of that being possible doesn't work. The fan does not move at all which I kinda suspected cause the fan is much higher in the air then the vents. So why the fan was moving on its own is still a mystery.

Anyways be back with another blog soon, hopefully.

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