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Hello all my loyal readers. Been a few days. I wanted to write yesterday but I was pretty tired from a long day so I waited until today which I suppose was a good thing cause now I have more to add. I shall not waste any more time jumping right in.

So on Thursday we had a lake in our backyard thanks to tons of heavy rain. Not only that it managed to get into our basement. Oh fun. It wasn't terribly bad but still it brings me back to one June morning when I was living in the basement and I was about to get ready to go to Ozzfest and I stepped in a nice pool of water to begin my morning. The water was just about to reach my guitar and my amp too so I suppose I woke up at a good time. Anyways I had to help my father clean up the water which was a good time killer. We managed to do a good job cleaning up the mess. Since then it hasn't rained. Thank God. We have had almost seven inches of rain this month so far so I think we are good on the rainfall for a bit.

Got my head shaved again on Friday. I like the no hair look. I had been wanting to do that for a long time but this girl who was supposedly interested in me kept telling me that I should not do it so I didn't but now that I don't even talk to her anymore I can do what I want. I should of just did what I wanted to in the first place but we won't get into that. Course the weather hasn't exactly agreed with the whole me not having hair thing. It has been chilly. Thankfully I like wearing beanie caps.

Yesterday was a fun and tiring day. Had to wake up early cause we were doing that trip to Lambeau thing with the zoo. I was awake at 5am. I got ready and whatnot and then did my typical walk. We got to the zoo around 7am and took off on the buses by like I think 8am. They gave us a breakfast that consisted of a cinnamon bun and a muffin. I ate the cinnamon bun. Bad idea! Gave me gas the majority of the morning which was bad cause I had a two hour bus ride ahead of me. Anyways we got to Lambeau field and first on the agenda was to do a stadium tour. It was a little boring at first. Mainly talking about the history of the team and whatnot. Well somewhat boring. I love my Packers but I wanted to see the stadium. Then we were taken into one of the main suites in the stadium. Oh my God! Super jealous of anybody who watches the games in those suites. The view was spectacular! Then we got to go through the player tunnel and out onto the field. Simply amazing. After watching Packer games for 26 years it was such an awesome feeling standing on the sidelines where many Packer legends once stood. The tour guide let my nephews take home a piece of the grass. After that tour we got to walk around in the Packer hall of fame. It is pretty cool in there. Lots of history about the Packers and whatnot. They provided a lunch for us but the sandwich selection was pretty terrible so we went and ate at Curlys instead. Good food. Would definitely go back there. Bus ride home seemed way too long but despite it being a tiring day it was a pretty good day in my opinion.

Trying to sleep last night was rough. I woke up in the middle of the night, well like 1:30am, with really bad chest pains. Course I start freaking out right away cause I was taught chest pains are a bad thing. Well it turned out to be really bad indigestion/heartburn. Not surprising since I had dealt with it earlier in the day on the way to Green Bay and while in Green Bay. It was pretty bad for awhile but thankfully it finally subsided. Didn't get back to bed until after 3am sometime.

My walking streak continues. Up to 31 days in a row now. Woo hoo. I didn't do as much as I wanted to this past week with my new exercise routine but I did pretty good. Just have to continue to maintain it now.

One last thing to finish up this blog. I was well I guess asked out by someone I had just recently met. Before people say oh Nick that is great I have a few things to say. This female is not from Milwaukee but she isn't exactly that far. In fact right across Lake Michigan. So way closer then any previous relationships which have been you know 1000 miles or over. I don't know much about this person either. She seems nice and could be fun to be with but see some of the stories, which I will not get into, I have heard about this person have not been so great. Yeah these were years ago and people can change but sometimes people say they changed but then they go right back to the bad habits that got them there in the first place. Maybe I should give this person the benefit of the doubt cause we all make mistakes. I just don't know much about her. I am not entirely sure I am even ready to get involved with anybody at the moment. I made a vow a year ago to hold off on getting close to another person especially if they aren't exactly in the same city/state as I am. I've put myself in really stupid situations too often and I had enough of it ending up the same way so unless I am absolutely sure about it I am not sure I can go through with it. My attitude has been a wait and see what might happen attitude so I may have to apply it to this one too cause I am just too unsure about it at the moment. Who knows maybe something good will come out of this? I do have to say that if anything it is flattering. I just hope it isn't someone just craving attention though. I've been through enough with attention whores.

I shall keep people updated on whatever might happen.

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