Splash the frog

I decided Sunday morning that I should start a dream journal to keep track of my dreams. Following the dream I had about my sister on Saturday night/Sunday morning I had a very weird dream and this is what prompted the journal idea. I should of really done this years ago cause some of my dreams are just too awesome not to remember.

I'm going to go back to a dream I had Wednesday night into Thursday. I am not entirely sure of all the events that were going on in the dream. I just remember specific things. First there was this brunette girl who I was interested in. We spent the majority of my dream kissing and hanging out with each. We were at some sort of farm house I believe. My family ended up being there cause there was some sort of party going on. I don't remember much about the conversations but I do know at one point my brother and some random guy started to jam with my guitar and my bass. I think they asked me to join them but I wanted to find this girl whom I was with that suddenly disappeared. So I went searching for her and I remember going outside and I am pretty sure I saw her standing there in the field. There were storm clouds in the distance but rays of light from the sun were shining towards my general direction. That is all I really remember about the dream. I think this dream was telling me that even if life is dark and stormy it will always come to pass.

Friday night I had an interesting dream. I guess I was the star of a video game. I was this assassin type dude who had magical powers. I could throw fireballs at people. How cool is that? In the dream I am in this hallway and at the end of the hallway I notice this woman sitting there at a desk. I decided to try and make my way there. Along the way I had to dispose of some bad guys by throwing ninja stars at their throat or by setting them on fire. I try to sneak up on the female but then she sees me. I grab her and throw her onto of the desk. I force her into having sex with me. She tries to resist but I tell her "there is no resisting". Eventually she just gives in and starts enjoying herself. By the time the dream has ended she was the one who ended up taking control. So it started out as rape but turned into a good time for both of us.

Now for the weird one. The dream begins with Neil Patrick Harris as the narrator. I imagine this is because I watch How I Met your Mother a lot and I watched Doogie Howser a lot too. Anyways his narration is short but his message is "the key to happiness is by splashing frogs". Then the dream goes to me sleeping on my bed. There are three pillars in the room and this has the setting of a video game. My face has changed. In fact I look like a fish and my color is aqua. I am not sure if there is any other narration but I know that I have to get rid of whatever comes out from behind the pillars. There is also a bowl or bucket of water right next to me. I am suppose to fill up a glass with water and splash whatever appears. First thing to appear is a frog. I throw water at it and the frog disappears. The next thing has snuck past the pillar and I don't see it until it is like right by me and it is a spider. I throw water at the spider and it disappears. There may of been a few other animals but I don't remember all of them. The last one I remember is a bat and as it is flying towards me I splash it with water and the bat disappears. This is where the dream ends.

I have a few other ones writen down from the past few nights but nothing that really stands out as much as these ones do. Beginning a dream journal may of been one of my best recent ideas.

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