Someone enlighten me about water buffaloes

It is time for a pre birthday blog where I reflect on how shitty the past year has been and how I wish I would just slit my wrists. Ok I am kidding. Really I am just in a weird mood today. I have gone back and forth from being pissy to being amused to being almost emo like to being amused again. God I am almost as bad as a woman today. No I won't be reflecting on the past year. I will wait to do that in my birthday blog tomorrow when I analyze the past year of my life and look into the next year of my life. Oh that sounds like it should be fun and entertaining right? Or downright boring. I don't know. You decide.

I won't get into all the details of why I was acting like a woman today. Some things just aren't worth mentioning or are just like oh come on Nick get over it type of crap. I am at least in a better mood now. Earlier today I was kinda walking around like someone had murdered my best friend. Finally I decided to snap out of it. Oh and apparently I was ok because I was trying to do my own version of the Harlem Shake while I was taking a shower. Bad idea btw cause there are walls in the shower and are easy to hit while acting like a moron. Oh and you know this whole thing just sounded terrible. Me doing something in the shower. Perverts. Like I really would mention that in one of my blogs.

I lost another couple of pounds. Amazing cause my diet is well not that great but it is not like I am eating as much food as a water buffalo. Actually I am unsure how much food a water buffalo eats. Can someone enlighten me on their eating habits cause to be honest I know nothing about them? Anyways, my walking must be doing me some good at least. I was going to go out for a 30 minute walk this morning but cut it down to 15 but then went out for another 15 minute walk during the afternoon. As long as I try to get those 30 minutes in I feel good about myself. The main point is that I dropped a couple of pounds. Only a million more to go!

I've been meaning to mention this one for awhile but I seem to forget every time I write a blog. I was told that I motivated someone to start writing more. I love hearing things like that. Frankly my opinion on my own blogs and whatnot is that it is just a bunch of jumbled thoughts and ideas and whatnot so to hear that what I write motivates other people to write means a lot. I am really critical of myself, I just need to point that out. We are often our own worse critic from hell. I am no exception to this. I just write cause I like doing it and it is a great way to express myself even if things seemed jumbled and random. Jumbled and random is ok, right?  Anyways though good to know that even I can motivate people.

Weather is going to be warming up. Right after my birthday. That is fine. This weekend looks like it is going to be beautiful. I can not wait to be able to have my windows open and be able to sit outside and just enjoy the weather. I have missed that. Supposedly by Monday we could be up to 70 degrees. Oh that is going to feel so nice. Even with it being in the 40s and whatnot I have been opening up my windows from time to time. My cats love that.

I will end my blog with an update of the female in question from my last blog. Let me just say no. Most likely not going to happen. I sorta expected this anyways which is why I was being cautious. I only confirmed my own doubts when I found out that the female in question had a boyfriend. Shit like this just drives me nuts. Does it surprise me? Not at all. Still doesn't make it any better to be honest. Now I know I am not perfect and I have made plenty of mistakes and whatnot but I am rather tired of having this crap happen to me. Then again maybe because my expectations about things are crap anyways that is why I encounter this from time to time. I don't know. Whatever. One day things will change. I guarantee it.

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