I received a death threat today

The internet is a funny place. Today I managed to piss off my friend Mary's 11 year old niece to the point of her saying she was going to hunt me down and kill me. It is not the first time I have received death threats from someone but this may of been one of the funniest ones yet. She got upset because I basically said to her One Direction sucks. She is obsessed with them. Like really obsessed. She didn't take too kindly to me saying that they sucked so a long session of me trolling and being a smart ass turned basically into the scene where Anakin was nearly killed by Obi-Wan. Anakin was so pissed off that he starts screaming "I HATE YOU!". This totally made me think of that moment in the movie. So yeah this little girl wants to bash my skull in and kill me. Starting saying that she was outside my house stalking me and could see everything that I am doing. The conversation ended when she called me trailer park trash and I said that her definition of trailer park trash was inaccurate because I don't live in a trailer park and she should know that since she is supposedly outside my house monitoring my every move. Kids now a days. So funny. Btw to this day I have never heard a One Direction song, I was just saying they suck to get a reaction. Oh boy did I.

Last night on WoW I managed to make another person made in looking for raid. We were dying repeatedly on this one boss and this guy just comes in and he asks what to do. Being the smart ass I am I told him don't die. It is a perfectly legit answer to be totally honest. You don't want to die cause the more people that die the less likely it is that the boss will die. Anyways we die again and then after the fight he proceeds to tell the raid how much of an asshole I am because I didn't give him any details of the fight. I told him he was welcome. So is this a new trend? Me pissing off one person a day? Whose next?

It is a rainy and crappy Wednesday afternoon. We are having a thunderstorm though. Hooray for thunder! As long as the power does not go out cause that would suck since I am in the middle of my writing. The weather this entire month has been rotten but it could always be worse. It could still be snowing and freezing cold temperatures. So I am thankful for that.

27 days in a row walking. Quite proud of myself. I have kicked it up a bit this week. Trying to exercise up to 30 minutes a day for at least 6 days out of the week. I want to drop weight and overall just feel better about myself. I was so tired this morning before and after my walk, lack of sleep has a lot to do with it, but I felt really good. I still do. I have had this tired feeling the majority of the day but I've had energy today and it is great. With the weather being crappy though I may not make it out for a walk tomorrow but I know I damn sure will try.

Crazy week it has been. First the Boston Marathon thing on Monday. Tragic. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. Yesterday at Carroll college there was a gunman spotted on campus. This is the college my niece goes to. It was on lock down for awhile. Nobody got hurt or anything which is good and I believe they arrested someone. Shit is getting too close for comfort though in my opinion. Today has been suspicious packages and envelopes showing up at random locations around the country. Some people have been injured by the contents of the stuff. The world has gone crazy. Actually I think the world has always been crazy but we just hear more about it due to social media and whatnot. Hate to think what might be coming next. Can't live life worrying about what you can not control though.

That is all for now. Wonder what the rest of the week may hold.

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