I bit myself

I am hoping this isn't going to be the start of a new bad habit cause I could think of a few other bad habits that I would prefer over this one. Been a weird week. Rain, weird alien dreams, and now me biting myself. Yep I bit myself last night while I was asleep. I will explain further.

I know I was having some weird dreams again last night. I don't really know specifically what was going on but the theme this week has been weird. I know at one point the song "move bitch get out the way" was playing in one of the dreams. Not sure why but whatever. Anyways when I woke up this morning my hand was by my mouth and I looked at my hand and there was not only drool on it but there were some decent teeth marks on my thumb. What the hell? I am not sure how or why but apparently in my sleep I had bit my own thumb. It wasn't very deep but the teeth marks were noticeable. In fact if you look at my thumb now like 12 hours later there is a mark where I had bit myself. I certainly hope that this is not a new thing for me to do. I don't really want to wake up in the morning to see bite marks on myself. This would definitely be a weird habit and one that I certainly do not want. If this does happen again hopefully it won't be something that ends with me hurting myself somehow. Oh wouldn't that be great? I end up in the hospital because I bit myself. That would be a great story for the kids or grand kids.

My father went back to the doctor today. He seems to be doing ok. He lost some more weight. His numbers are looking better. The doctor gave him the ok to start exercising lightly again and he also put him on blood thinners. I decided to read the manual about blood thinners and of course the major drawback to taking them is death. Oh well gee that is great to know! I suppose though that is the ultimate reality of it anyways. He has to go back for a checkup in 6 weeks. So all seems to be ok for right now.

I haven't been playing a lot of Rocksmith lately but I have been doing other things. I've been on my acoustic guitar more lately and I find myself spending up to an hour a day just watching random videos on how to play songs, how to play certain chords, etc. I learn a lot from these videos. At least if I am not playing as much as I was that I am still doing something useful with my guitar. One day I am going to be in some sort of band or at least playing with someone.

Well I didn't want to make a terribly long blog tonight so I will leave it at that. I wonder if I can make it through a night without weird dreams or without me biting myself. This remains to be seen.

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