Exit April

April is coming to a close with a big bang. Today it is suppose to be close to 80 degrees. The past few days, since my birthday actually, has been pleasant weather. It is nice waking up in the mornings to 50s and 60s and going for my daily walk. By the way I am up to 40 days in a row of walking. I have it set in my mind that I have to walk at least 15 minutes a day. Anyways great weather though and I am sure I will spend some time outside before it goes spiraling down.

Saturday I had family over for my birthday. Honestly I didn't consider it a birthday celebration. I wanted to make stuffed shells and I decided to invite people over. It was a good time. Always entertaining having family over. Stuffed shells were a hit as usual. I saved some time on Saturday preparing them by cooking the chicken and the meat on Friday night and refrigerating it. This actually helped make it easier to stuff the shells cause the chicken and the meat were not hot and weren't melting the cheese mixture. Usually my fingers are all gooey because of the mixture melting in my hands. Turned out great and I have been eating shells every single day. Yeah my diet has took a big hit the past few days but I will get back on track. At least I didn't stop exercising if there is any plus side.

My father apparently threw out his back. He is having a lot of back pain at the moment and is having a hard time getting around so I have to hang around him a lot at the moment to see if he wants or needs anything. He probably did something to his back cause he was working outside yesterday. I don't know how many times I have told this man if he wants something done all he needs to do is ask me. It is the Taurus stubbornness coming into play here. I get that he wants to do things on his own but the older he gets the more he is going to have to realize he is not Superman and it is ok to ask me to do some stuff. Hopefully his back will be ok.

My Rocksmith game for Xbox basically broke. I think I had mentioned this before but it got to a point where the songs were taking forever to load or some of my progress was not getting saved. As luck would have it Best Buy had the game on sale for only 25 bucks. 35 bucks off the original price. On top of that I ended up getting another cable because of it. So now I have two cables for the game. Meaning if anyone ever wanted to come over and jam on Rocksmith with me then they could. So who wants to jam with me?

April has always been my favorite month out of the year. This April wasn't terribly bad all things considering. Yeah we dealt with a lot of rain and below normal temperatures but it did not stop me from doing some of the things that I wanted to do like walking. By my birthday temperatures started to rise and now it is quite pleasant outside. To get to the good you have to deal with the bad. This applies to all aspects of life. Things will only get better and I can guarantee this.

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