Change of Heart

I said I was going to write a blog on Saturday but then Saturday came and I said ok I will write one on Sunday, Sunday came and still no blog. Then I decided to say that a blog will come out when a blog comes out. I just really did not feel like writing over the weekend. I wasn't really in that great of a mood. I am ok now and no I really don't want to get into all the details of what was bothering me cause most of that stuff was stupid anyways. I don't want to dwell on stupid stuff.

It is the middle of the afternoon on a cloudy and somewhat dreary Monday. I have nothing really planned out for today other then going with my father so he can get an EKG done. He also goes back to the doctor this upcoming Friday. I'll know more about what is going on with him by then. He seems to be doing ok though. He dropped about another ten pounds. It is all the fluid that he has been building up. He is finally losing it. I am hoping that this is a good sign.

Today was day number 18 in a row of walking. I am proud of myself. I wasn't planning on going for a walk yesterday but I was bored and said ok I'm gonna go walk. Far different then what it is typically like when I am bored. Oh I don't know what to do so I am going to go stuff my face and watch some television or play some WoW. Nice to use walking as an option when I am suffering from boredom. Although the rest of the week is up in the air as far as my walking is concerned. The weather is suppose to be rather crappy so I may not be able to get some walks in. Oh well. I suppose there are alternative methods.

My walking is paying off a bit too. I know it isn't much but I have dropped another three pounds. I find that amazing cause I haven't exactly been eating that great lately. No I don't eat a lot of food but yeah with Easter just passing us by I had a lot more of what I shouldn't of. So me losing three pounds despite that is pretty good. My goal right now is to drop about thirty-five more pounds. Then when I get there I will set the next goal. I will get there. I am determined. Once I start eating more of the right foods and get started on my new exercising thing the pounds will start dropping off.

I had a change of heart with the whole WoW thing with transferring my priest to join my guild on the other server. This doesn't mean I am going to be playing 24/7 though but it would be nice to be on a new server with my main character. Plus I would be playing with people I've been playing with for awhile. So you never know, it might be one of the best options that I have in the game at the moment. I don't ever intend on being a hardcore raider/gamer on that game again but despite what people have said you can be casual. I may eventually just move all my characters over to the new server. Hell if I feel like leveling up brand new characters horde side. I already have like seventeen characters on horde side that are level 80 or higher and I do not need anymore.

I haven't continued my Face story yet because I am still deciding where to go with the story and I just thought of something new for the story today. A new twist on things I suppose. Maybe that will give me some motivation to continue the writing. The Face stories may not be the greatest but at least I have fun with them and that is the point.

That is all for now. I won't say that I will be back with a blog tomorrow or the next day or whatever, I will leave it at a new blog will get posted when a new blog is done?

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