Aliens fear blood

What a day. It was one of those days in which I wanted to rip my hair out. I am ok now. Also a little less aggravated. In the end things worked out ok and no one was harmed but I suppose I should write about it and then a little later for some humor I must talk about a dream I had last night.

First off the past few days the weather has been shitty. It has been rainy and somewhat cold. We have had nearly 4 inches of rain in the past few days. I have managed however to at least go out for a walk every single day. Not sure how I managed to be able to pull that off due to the weather but yay me. 21 days in a row of walking. I feel quite proud of myself. That is a pretty good streak in my opinion. I am going to try to extend it as long as I can.

My morning started off as it usually does. I was going to pick up my guitar and play Rocksmith for awhile. That did not work out as planned. My father comes in the room and tells me there is something wrong with his computer. It has viruses or whatever. So I go to his computer. Sure enough yet again his computer has about 28 viruses on it. This is when I discover that his computer has no had any sort of protection for a long time apparently. Wonderful! The last time he took it in to get clean of viruses they gave him cheap software that apparently just disappeared. Course I couldn't do shit with the computer. Tried going through everything I knew and nothing was going on. So I said he has two options, fix this computer yet again and pay a butt load of money for it or finally buy a new laptop. The laptop is like 5 years old and this is the 3rd time it has had trouble with viruses. I was already frustrated at this point.

Then I first go to my laptop to make sure my computer is ok. It is ok but apparently my McAfee is no longer on the laptop. What in hell? I didn't delete it or whatever and it is just randomly gone? So I end up screwing around for a bit and I reinstalled McAfee. I then to go to my desktop computer and everything is fine there but I can't open McAfee at all. I get a blank screen. It has been like this for a long time but I figure if today was a day for fixing shit I was going to fix it. I looked up some stuff online and I went through a number of different things. I swear I went through about seven computer restarts and changing things around a number of times before I finally just got rid of McAfee completely and then reinstalled it. So it finally works and I start running a virus scan on the computer just to be safe. Then my internet browser was all messed up and not loading anything properly. At this point I was like ok whatever I am done. I then went out for my daily walk.

After I got back home from my walk I decided that I was going to try to work on my fathers computer. I got out the system disc, thank God he still had it, and decided I would try to reinstall the system and format the computer and that would solve the problem on that computer. So after going through a number of steps and close to I dunno two hours of screwing around I got his laptop up and running virus free. I am pretty sure he decided at this point that it would be a good idea just to get a new laptop since that one is getting old and whatnot. So for the time being my laptop is in the living room so he can use it.

Now it was time to figure out what the hell was wrong with my internet browser on my desktop. Everything that I was trying to do showed up as it being messed up. So all I really did for that one was just clear out all the history and everything else. Problem solved. Why did I not do that in the first place? Well that is kinda like why did I not use the system disc in the first place for my father's laptop? I don't think very well when I am frustrated and things don't become clear to me until I have had some time to chill out. I would say I spent at least five hours today screwing around with computers.

What is it with me and alien dreams? Seriously. Think back to the blog I wrote years ago about that one alien dream I had. That was one of the craziest dreams I have ever had. Funny though too. The one I had last night totally fits into the weird category.

I am unsure how the dream even started, where I am in the beginning, and all those other details. All I know is that there is some sort of alien invasion. I guess they are taking over earth or something. This part sorta seems like a video game type scenario for me. There is this alien ship with huge turrets on the side. They are blasting away at random people/ship. I am in a ship that resembles the millennium falcon, actually I am pretty sure it was the millennium falcon. I am co-piloting the ship with a guy who resembles Mark Wahlberg. Seriously I think it is him. Anyways all the other ships were failing in attacking the ship so we get this bright idea to be suicidal and get as close as we can to blast the hell out of the turrets. So we end up getting very close and we blast the hell out of the turrets. We are all celebrating thinking we destroyed them but nope not even close to destroying it. Celebration turned into an oh shit moment as we tried to get out of there. I am unsure what happens next but I assume we were captured.

Then I am in some class room. It resembles my 7th grade class room. There are a bunch of people there I do not know and the teacher is not a human. She is an alien. I can tell that she is a she cause she has a voice that sounds like a female. Well and she has boobs too. She is sort of a greenish blue color. Weird looking mouth. One eye I think. I figure that I am going to be killed soon so I start freaking out and I start crawling under desks to hide or something. Fat people can't hide very well under school desks by the way. I then just decide to take a seat cause it doesn't seem like this alien is a threat to do anything. I don't know how it happens but one of the other people in the class room all of a sudden starts bleeding. The alien freaks out at the sight of blood. I mean she is literally screeching and it seems as if she is in pain at the sight of blood. She tells the person to get out of the classroom and go downstairs. This is when other people get the bright idea that they were suddenly going to be get all bloody. So one by one people start I guess cutting themselves or whatever just to draw a little bit of blood to make the alien go crazy so she lets them out of the class. I decide to play along. I am not even sure how or what I did to get blood but I wanted to be convincing so I put blood all over my arms and all over my face. I walk up to the alien to show her the blood and she starts freaking out pointing towards the door motioning me to leave. I leave the room and head downstairs and I end up in a cafeteria. I see a bunch of my old friends and classmates sitting there at a table. I walk up to them and say hello. They say to me how did you get away from the aliens and why are you all bloody. I said to them oh apparently aliens fear blood so if you want to get away from them cover yourself in blood.

What a weird dream. I haven't even attempted to look or come up with a meaning for that dream.

Guess that is all for tonight. Maybe I will have more weird dreams to blog about.


  1. Well, a long reply but here goes:

    First off, get rid of McAffee and/or Symantec products. For those, it's kinda like why it's always Internet Explorer gets hit so much with crap - everyone uses it so if you find one weakness, everyone goes to hell. Try Avira, available here - http://www.avira.com/en/downloads

    There's a couple different free non-mcaffee and non-symantec antivirus programs available but, I've been using Avira since the Kazaa days and I've never had issues with viruses or malware. Keep in mind, if I had the hard drive space, I'd be reason to create a show called "Hoarders: Digital Edition" due to all the crap I've downloaded; a lot of which is still lying around.

    On to the aliens! I think this is awesome because it's like you took 3 awesome sci-fi stories and they all had sex and gave birth in your head. Aliens fear blood? Ever seen or read "War of the Worlds"? Granted, I'm talking about the original but the storyline for the modern version with Tom Cruise is still pretty legit. Teachers are aliens - The Faculty? You've had to have seen that one. Pretty bad ass. Theme song: Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. And of course, Star Wars... Spaceships are serious business in the first place and Millenium Falcon's no joke.

  2. Oh I know McAfee is shit. I've been wanting to get rid of it for awhile I just didn't know what else I could really get that would be good. Now I know. Thanks!

    Hell I didn't even think of that with the whole 3 movies into one awesome dream. Well obviously the Star Wars part I had thought about but the other two, I didn't think of that. Yeah I have seen "War of the Worlds". I do like the Tom Cruise version. Never read the book but I think I have seen the original movie. Also seen the Faculty a few times. This just makes the alien dream even better now!

  3. War of the Worlds plot is what came to mind when thinking about aliens being afraid of blood. For us, it's natural and most blood from people (minus extremes like HIV and Hepatitis) is relatively 'safe' if you're exposed to it. There's very few blood-borne pathogens and nasties that the human race isn't immune to. It's actually pretty amazing when you think of all the crap that's in everyday life. So yeah, to an alien... we'd probably be one hell of a walking bio hazard. Then again, I guess that goes in both directions.

    As for the tech/geek stuff. If you have questions, just ask. Hell, I'm pretty sure that even PWMB has a few people that might be able to help with such things being gamers. Avira is pretty gamer friendly, too. It uses a LOT less resources than McAffee and Symantec making game load times quite a bit faster.

  4. Yeah I would think that works both ways. It was just rather funny in the dream the reaction that the alien had when she saw blood. I don't actually think I saw myself in the dream with the blood all over me, I just knew I had put blood all over me to get the alien to kick me out of the room. I am ok if I have a continuation to that dream!

    I've always been one to not ask questions and find stuff out by myself. Don't know why. Maybe that is my stubbornness due to me being a Taurus. Oh lord I originally put Tauren instead of Taurus. I have obviously been on WoW too much lately. Anyways for now on if I have any questions I shall ask.