Another quiet Friday night in front of my laptop. Although I suppose I should not complain or anything cause it could be chaotic or something like that and I'd like to avoid chaotic for right now at least. It has been a few days so I figured I'd get back to writing something at least.

My dilemma has been solved. It wasn't really much of a dilemma, it was pretty much was a what do I do type of thing. I decided that I am going to go to see Pitbull with my sister. I ordered the tickets today. Yeah so I don't know his music that well and it is a far different type of concert then what I am use to but so what? Maybe I will meet the future miss Kendzierski there? Ha! Wishful thinking Nick. The other dilemma was about what I was going to do with my WoW character. He is staying put for right now. As much as I would like to rejoin my guild on another server with my main priest I just can't right now. I won't rule it out in the future but for right now I am not. I could always make a character over there but do I want to level yet another horde character? I already have 13 characters at level 85 or over on horde side. I think that is enough.

Between playing WoW and playing Skyrim on the Xbox this is why I haven't posted much this week on my blog. No I am not spending every waking moment playing one or the other. I still made time to pick up my bass guitar for awhile today and jam out. I make time to do other things just I am having a good time playing those games. On WoW I discovered how the new pet battles are addicting. That is all I've been doing. Collecting pets and running around fighting battles. What is pet battles on WoW? Well think Pokemon battle cause it is basically the same thing, or so I am told. I never played Pokemon. Anyways it is fun and I think I may record a video of me doing a pet battle just to show people. As for Skyrim I just got back into playing that game again. I discovered how awesome it is to use a bow to kill your enemies. Stand back and snipe them from a distance is awesome. Plus it is pretty powerful in the game. Depending on if I can get a good shot or not I can sometimes one shot people. Ok enough about the video games. I am sorry, I am a gamer nerd. But I ask you this, what is a better addiction video games or drugs?

Been doing good with my walking. Today was the day number 15 in a row that I have went out walking. Pretty good huh? I think I am going to up the exercising though in the coming weeks. I would like to push it up to about 30 minutes just about everyday exercising. I am thinking 30 minute walks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 15 min walks the remaining days but on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday either riding the exercise bike or lifting some weights. Sunday I will leave as an optional day for stuff. I think this is a pretty decent plan though. If I can watch what I am eating I could probably drop some weight. Well I think I already am a bit but I can always strive to do better. My first goal at the moment is to drop about 30-40 pounds and then we shall see where I go from there.

This is my ending point for tonight. I may be back tomorrow with another blog. No promises however. I do have a few things that are on my mind and I may tackle one of those topics tomorrow. Until then no matter what you do be awesome!

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