Yay March!

My first blog of the month. Yay! Ok so we are only a few days into the month so its not like I went the entire month before I wrote anything. I was going to sit down and write yesterday but decided to put it off until today. Now I sit here in the kitchen on my laptop full from a taco night but I may as well spend some time talking about a few things.

Today I tried something new with tacos. My friend Amber gave me this idea to use the crock pot to make some chicken breasts with salsa poured on top. I took it a bit further and decided lets make it a taco night. I mixed in taco seasoning with the chicken and then after 8 hours of cooking on low I shredded the chicken and then mixed in some sour cream. Turned out really good. A bit on the spicy side, well not terribly bad at all just my father can't handle that stuff. If I ever do chicken tacos again I am doing it this same way. I think for next weekend it will be my first attempt at pulled pork.

We have another snowstorm on the way. They are unsure how much snow we will get this time. I am going to just say 4-10 inches right now. Everyone keeps saying something different so I will just go with those numbers to include what everyone has been saying. I see a lot of people bitching bout the snow and then people bitching about people bitching about the snow. Yes we live in Wisconsin and should expect this type of weather but it does get old after awhile. I am fine with snow in December and January but once we get into the last part of February into March it is like ok I am done. I laugh when people automatically start telling people that if we don't like this weather we should move somewhere warm. I am sure a lot of people are like me and they don't mind snow but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Besides even if people moved down south then they would have other stuff to do with. Warm and humid weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Lose-lose situation wherever you do. Even picking somewhere like California. Decent weather there? Yes. Earthquakes? Yes. Not sure if I am could handle that. Anyways at some point the weather will change and I will be happier and then probably bitching about how hot and humid it is.

So Justin Bieber had a his worse day ever with his 19th birthday. I read this article thanks to a link on facebook and my initial reaction and my reaction right now is who the fuck cares. This dude has millions of dollars and can basically do a lot of things us normal people can't do and are we suppose to feel sorry for him cause he had a bad day? Oh boo hoo! Seriously there are people out there dying of cancer and whatever else and can't afford food at all or afford to pay bills on their house and other things but yet this rich piece of shit has a bad day and we are suppose feel bad for him? If he was shot or whatever else then yeah sure terrible day but if that is not what happened shut the hell up. I guess this is just proof that even with all that money a person can have it still won't buy happiness. In all honesty reading that article about Bieber didn't really piss me off as much as it amused me.

I managed to crack my Rocksmith game. Guess the game couldn't deal with my awesome guitar playing. It wasn't my fault actually. The xbox cases are pretty crappy so cause of that a little chunk out of the middle of the game disc came off. For right now though the game is still playable but I was experiencing some lag while playing a few songs. I imagine I will have to go out and get a replacement eventually. Unless I find another alternative. Rocksmith is obviously my most played game cause of bass and guitar so not being able to access it at all would kinda suck.

Anyways I am sure I will be back in a new blog within the next few days. Snowstorm coming means sitting around waiting to see how much we are going to get. If we are going to get one last snowstorm for the season may as well make it a good one. I want 20 inches of snow! Happy March everyone!

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