Lightning Crashes

Frustration. That sums up a lot for me atm. Well ok I am not totally frustrated but I will explain what I mean. I have this ongoing problem with my ear/ears popping and sometimes it won't pop back into place and then it makes it very hard for me to hear anything. That is how I started off my Monday morning. Woke up and noticed my ear had popped. It is more of a nuisance then anything. I can't enjoy listening to music, watching tv, I can't hear my father, and well guitar playing atm is sorta out of the question cause I can't hear what I am playing. This ear popping thing started way back when I was in Florida after the couple of hurricanes that I went through. I didn't have any problems with it for awhile after I had gotten my ears checked and cleaned out but it has since returned. I had this same issue around this same time last year I believe. A friend pointed out to me that it may have to do with these constant storms we are getting with low pressure systems. This is true. Right now we are getting or we were getting snow and we were surrounded by two low pressure systems. So this could be why my ear is all screwed up. Thanks Mary, more people should talk to you cause you are pretty smart...maybe a bit insane but smart!

Speaking of snow, we had another snowstorm today. I am unsure of how much snow we actually did get. They kept changing the snowfall totals. At one point they said up to 10 inches. So I figured we would get anywhere between 1-10 inches of snow. I finally did go out and get some winter shoes though yesterday. They are waterproof so to be perfectly honest I don't care how much more snow we get although I am pretty sure the snow is going to calm down now. In a few days we are suppose to get rain. Oh this will make for a nice mess outside. All that snow that is melting and then rain on top of it. All of our lawns will be nice and muddy by the time all the snow melts. Ah gotta love Wisconsin!

Got all my tax money yesterday too. Yay. That is a good thing seeing as how I had already spent 90 bucks of it on a ticket to see Rush. Yeah bit expensive but we did get the good covered seats and the price includes Summer fest admission. It is not like I go to a ton of concerts that cost 90 something dollars. It will be the 3rd time that I am going to Summer fest for a concert on July 4th. First time was the Violent Femmes back in 1996 and then Iron Maiden last summer. Still haven't talked to my sister about Tom Petty but I figure if we don't go to that one it is not the end of the world. I hear Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper are going on tour together towards summertime. That might be cool to go to.

I've talked about in past blogs about weird things relating to the number 13 or me like thinking of something and it happens or I think a movie and I look at the guide to see it is on or coming on within a few days or I think of a song and then it randomly comes on my playlist. I've had many of these occurrences over the years. On Sunday night I had turned on my radio and got everything set up for me going to bed but decided to chill out by the computer to listen to some music. I decided to browse my playlist a bit and saw the song Lightning Crashes by Live and I thought to myself that it had been awhile since I have heard that song. No idea what prompted me to stop at that song but whatever. I didn't listen to it. I just kept browsing. After a few minutes I decided it was time for bed. So I took off my headphones and turned off everything in the room before going into the other room where my bed is. Guess what song was playing on the radio? Lightning Crashes. I thought that was pretty cool. Stuff like that happens to me all of the time though.

I finally decided to keep a notebook by me so I can write down ideas for things to talk about in my blogs and well to start writing down stuff for the next part of the Face story. A lot of times I will think of something to write about and then totally forget it so if I think of something and write it down right away then I won't forget it. Why I haven't been doing this for years already is beyond me. I guess I am a bit slow.

I'm sure I will be back with something new in the next few days or maybe even tomorrow. We shall see. Oh and I thought I would mention that I am nearing 13,000 page views for my blog. Thanks to all who do read my blog, I appreciate it!

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