I splashed her

Great news everybody, I've been given at least one more year to live. No I am not dying, I just felt like making a dramatic intro to my blog. Although I wouldn't be shocked if some people weren't disappointed if I really was dying but those people are no use to me anyways. Ever have someone try talking to you and whatnot and you have absolutely no use for them? Wouldn't it be great if you just come out and say yeah ok I have no use for you so goodbye? See though even if I have no use for someone I am still curious as to what they may say next anyways for amusement purposes. People do certainly amuse me that is for sure.

So I went to see my doctor today. Ok so she isn't really a doctor but she is a nurse practitioner and she has helped me out quite a bit so far. I was happy to see the cute nurse who assists my doc today too. Although I never did find out the nurse's name which I am definitely kicking myself for now. Anyways my weight is down a bit which considering my lack of exercise during the winter I am happy about that. I have been waking up and going on the exercise bike the past few days. It is a start. When it gets warmer out I will start my walking again. Then the cute nurse (get use to it, I will keep referring to her as the cute nurse) took my blood pressure. Normally when I am in a medical place or out of my normal environment I am all tense and anxious and whatnot but to my surprise my blood pressure was around 136/82 which was not bad for me. On one visit I was as high as 180/120. Doc came in (I will keep calling her doc even if she isn't technically a doc) and we talked for a bit. She checked all the normal stuff and I had her check out my ear cause of the ear problem. She determined it was a wax buildup which I already knew cause I had this problem once before. So she got cute nurse to start cleaning out my ear. Man did it take quite awhile. Apparently I had a lot of crap in my ear. No wonder why my hearing was all messed up. Me and cute nurse had a little bit of conversation while she was having fun cleaning my ear. She was determined to get all the crap out of my ear. So after awhile it was down to one big chunk of crap left in my ear and I am not even sure what it felt like but it felt like something huge came out of my ear and when it dropped down into the water it splashed all over cute nurse. So I splashed cute nurse and got her all wet. Yes I realize how perverted that sounds and I totally said it like that to make it sound perverted. Anyhow I could hear again so ear all fixed. Doc came back in and gave me a monitor to start testing my blood sugar and writing it down and refilled my prescriptions and then sent me on my way for a lab test and said see you in a year. So I am cleared for now for at least a year.

Was happy to turn on Rocksmith tonight and was able to actually hear my guitar player. Oh guitar have I missed you this week while I couldn't hear. Was starting to teach myself the beginning to the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I totally forgot how awesome that song was up until yesterday. No Rocksmith does not have it in the game, I been teaching myself by watching you tube videos and looking at tab online. I do that for a lot of songs that aren't on Rocksmith cause as cool as Rocksmith is they are limited as to what they have for a selection of songs. Kinda sucks but it all comes down to licensing bands and their songs to add to Rocksmith. A lot of bands refuse to let their songs go on some "video game". To me Rocksmith isn't really much of a video game, it is more of a learning tool. No you will not learn everything about guitar from Rocksmith but it does help out a lot. I am still thinking of doing a video of me playing a Rocksmith song. Maybe soon.

Speaking of music yesterday I rediscovered how much I enjoy Led Zeppelin. Spotify does not have them yet in their catalog of music so I sorta forgot all about them. I added them to my spotify playlist via mp3s I have on my computer. So I decided to listen to some songs yesterday and I think sometimes when you listen to music you just kinda hear it and it sounds cool but you don't hear everything like for example Stairway to Heaven. One of my favorite songs and I always thought everything about the song was great...the guitar, lyrics, vocals, etc. When I turned it on yesterday it just seemed like it went beyond that for me. Every note, every word, etc I could hear it much clearer then I ever have before. It was one of "those moments" for me. As I listened to more Zeppelin I could hear the music clearier then I ever had before. Actually I been doing that for awhile with most things I listen to which is probably why I listen to a wide range of music now a days. I stopped putting music into a category and just learned to sit back and appreciate everything that I was hearing. It also helps make me a better guitar player as I am playing a different variety of music. I'll start just playing around with some Black Sabbath song and then end up doing Rick James-Super Freak. I can't lie the riffs in that song are fun to play. Anyways Led Zeppelin has found their way back into my playlist.

Just talked to my sister and it sounds like we may try to go see Tom Petty at Summer fest in June. That could be a good show. I like a lot of his songs and I have never seen him live. Eh may as well try to see as many bands as I can, right? I enjoy live music though. It is one thing to sit around your house with headphones on listening to music but compared to actually being there in person oh a much different experience. Some bands sound better live then they do on record although some bands sound a lot worse live then they do on record. Although I did just look at ticket prices for this show and oh wow are they expensive. We shall see I guess.

That is all for tonight. Hope you all enjoyed my stories today especially about the one where I splashed the cute nurse and got her wet. God you guys are such perverts!

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