I can't breastfeed

My metformin medication today came with a new warning label saying that I should talk to my doctor or pharmacist before breastfeeding. Damn does that really effect my plans! Like ugh. Now I have to change my whole way of life because of some stupid label. So does this apply to like lets say I am with a woman and she decides that she wants to suck my nipples, it wouldn't effect that at all would it? Ok so obviously I am not taking the warning label seriously cause I am not a woman. What if they put the label on there thinking that I am either a woman or trying to tell me that I am fat and I need to reduce the size of my man boobs? How dare they!  Anyways figure I start my blog with some humor. I have a lot to cover today!

I missed quite a few things that I wanted to talk about in my last blog. Gee good thing I keep that notebook of mine to write down ideas. Problem is I don't keep the notebook by me while writing. Dur! This Sunday is St.Pattys day and no it has never really been a big deal for me, although I love the fact that McDonalds has shamrock shakes for the month of March cause of St.Pattys day. Milwaukee decided that they should celebrate St.Pattys day this past Saturday which is over a week before the actual day. What the hell? This city is so half ass backwards sometimes. We have the Christmas parade before Thanksgiving, if 4th of July falls on a Sunday we don't have fireworks until the 5th of July, trick or treat is usually the last Saturday or Sunday of the month even if it falls before Halloween. Seriously this is just dumb. I understand to a point why you wouldn't want to do stuff if a holiday falls on a Sunday cause you know the whole keeping Sunday the Sabbath day and what not but come on. Anyways there is no point in dragging it out about how dumb this is. Celebrate the holidays on the day that they fall on. Enough said.

This time change sucks. For whatever reason this time around it has totally thrown me off of my normal schedule. Maybe because now I am on a daily pill taking schedule, I don't know but I can't seem to adjust. By the time I adjust we will have to change the clocks back again! My father makes it worse. He changes all the clocks in the house like up to 12 hours before they have to be changed. Makes me confused as hell as to what time it is and then gets me thinking oh wait have the clocks been changed or not. Gah! I feel like the house has different time zones within the house when he does that.

I have 7 days of free game time on WoW. I know I know, I should not go back to that damn game. It is ok though I can handle it. I don't intend on getting back into raiding and if I decide to continue to play it will be on a very casual basis. In fact I think I am considering giving up horde for awhile to try out the alliance. I have only ever leveled up horde characters. I have all classes leveled to at least level 85 and another like 5 or 6 characters sitting at level 80 all horde. Maybe switching to alliance for awhile is a change I need. Then again I run out of free days by Friday so I am not even sure what I am going to do after Friday. I may not do anything at all and just go back to what I have been doing. I just don't want to get wrapped up in that game and waste my life away in a virtual world. Been there done that and I don't want to do it again.

Some of my dreams lately have been a bit weird but the general theme without getting into detail about them is that I have some unresolved issues about a few things. Of course I do. Who doesn't have something that is unresolved? Some things are better left unsaid I think or some things just should not be revisited. Obviously if you have been through something the same way over and over again then there is no point in revisiting that situation, right? Honestly I think the biggest thing with any of my unresolved issues is me forgiving myself for making mistakes or not handling situations better. I think a part of moving on completely isn't fully dependent on forgiving other people but possibly comes down to forgiving yourself before you can move on. For the most part with a few things I have moved on. I have accepted responsibility and fault and I have moved on. Still though there are a few things nipping at me. It is harder to forgive yourself then to forgive others. I don't dwell on this very often though which is a good thing but I do know that it is there especially after some of the dreams I have had. Well and there is one thing that I probably won't forgive myself about until I finish phase 3 of The Nick project. I won't say what phase 3 is but it is something very important to me. No it hasn't started yet but soon it will.

Today I was a bit irritated about things. It is just all little things that build up over a period of time and some of them just seem so little and ridiculous that I won't even mention it here. What I got out of it though is before I drive myself even crazier then what I am now that I need to make some change or changes to my life. Once again my plan for myself is changing. There is nothing wrong with changing your plans or evolving them to better suit your own personal needs. Hopefully with my new plans I will have something new and exciting soon to tell people. Again I don't totally mention all my plans to people now so they don't end up holding it against me if I don't get something down within a time frame that they want me to do it in. So many times I told people I was going to do this and that and cause I didn't do it right away it was the end of the world and many words and whatnot where thrown my way. This is why not everyone needs to know what it is I am planning all the time. People just don't need to know what it is that I am planning all the time. Things are better like that.

Well I think that is all for now. Yeah I still have stuff listed on my notebook but hell I have written a lot in this blog and I am sure by now most of my two readers stopped reading after the first or second paragraph so I will stop right here. I will be back again soon with another update as to how awesome my life is. Until then behave everyone or misbehave...whatever works for you.

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