I can predict the weather?

I am so awesome that I can even predict the weather to a certain extent. It is true. Usually around spring time right before it is about to start a warm up my knees start bothering the hell out of me. There is really nothing I can do to help them usually. It goes on for a week or two or sometimes longer I think. I didn't realize the pattern until yesterday and then it is like a light bulb went off in my head and it was like oh my God my knees hurting can predict when we are about to have a warm up. Forget asking the groundhog about warmer weather, just ask me if my knees are hurting or not.

Despite my knee pain I have still been making it outside to go for walks the last few days in a row. It has been rather nice. I mean the weather hasn't exactly been perfect but it hasn't been cold and there isn't any ice on the sidewalks so why not go out and enjoy it. As I have said many times before I love walking. Hopefully the knee pain goes down a bit cause I would like to go for longer walks then what I have been doing. At the moment though cause I am out walking again Nick is happy and that is good.

My father has to go to the doctor tomorrow. My father has diabetes and congestive heart failure and well his legs are pretty bad due to the diabetes, well his legs have been kinda leaking the last I would say almost week now. He did see another doctor on Thursday and he put him on antibiotics in hopes to help my father avoid infection. Cellulitis is one possible infection he could get and well since my father doesn't actually ever feel pain on his legs that would be pretty bad. I am not sure the antibiotics are helping him though so we shall see what his doctor has to say tomorrow. Hopefully it is nothing too bad.

Really not a lot else is going on at the moment which I can't say is a bad thing. Been quiet. About the same ole stuff for me. Playing WoW again but on a hour here hour there type of basis. Days of me spending the entire day in front of that computer on that damn game are done. Of course I've been keeping up on playing guitar. Getting better at songs on Rocksmith that I had issues with on the first time around. So that is good. It means I am making progress. Thing is I don't like sticking with just one song, I like to jump around quite a bit. One song I really want to get down is "House of the Rising Sun". Last night was actually my best playthrough of that song to date and I was quite impressed.

So does anyone want to start a band with me or let me join a band? I had to ask.

That is all for now. I will have a blog coming up that is going to be mostly dedicated to video game violence and the effect it has on people. Oh yeah as a person who has played video games for most of my life I definitely have some opinions so I look forward to writing that.

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