I AM NOT A Stalker!

Well it is a Saturday night and I have nothing better to do so here I am again. Does anyone even read this thing? Silly question I know cause I do know a few people read this. The temperature warmed up a little bit, it is raining, and the snow is melting. Of course now everything looks like a mess outside. Not surprising seeing as how it is just about spring time now and normally this time of the year everything outside looks terrible. Oh well at least it is warming up a little bit.

Had some more good news from the doc yesterday. She called me to let me know the results of the blood test that I had taken. My potassium and sodium are fine. My hemoglobin glucose was at a 6.6 which is not bad. It means the metformin is helping so far. Anything over a 7.0 would mean I would have to upgrade the medication. I don't intend on getting full blown diabetes. I will beat it. I am confident in that. I have to admit that ever since I got put on the metformin back in November I have been a bit concerned about it and what it might mean for me in the future. There are ways of fighting it and I am determined to make sure I don't get it. I admit thinking about it a bit yesterday I shed a few tears. I feel like whatever is thrown at me I always find a way of getting past it somehow eventually. Regardless of what anybody may say or think about me I know that one of my greatest qualities is my strength. It may take me time to get through stuff but eventually I do.

Me, Cindy, and her friend Mary are going to see Tom Petty in June. Didn't get as good of tickets that I got for Rush but still we got tickets. I like his music. Like Rush I wouldn't say that they are one of my most favorite bands but I enjoy the music a lot. So far 2 concerts for this upcoming summer.

Speaking of music I had a few realizations about a few things. I always categorized myself as a headbanger. I mean I have the band shirts and I love that kind of music and whatnot but I am so not a headbanger anymore. I'm not even sure I fit into today's heavy metal crowd. Everyone seems so judgmental about music and how bands sound and this and that. Everyone fights constantly about how Metallica sucks or how they are overrated. It just seems like no one just shuts up and appreciates the music. I know not everyone is like that but I see a lot of people like this on facebook all the time. How do I categorize myself now a days? Well I am still a rocker. I love heavier music, rock, etc but since I listen to all sorts of different varieties of music I just categorize myself as a music lover. I think it is a safe category to fall in. Not being limited to just one genre of music but all sorts. To me music is music unless it is Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, or that Call Me Maybe song...that is just eh.  Not my preference but I am not going to sit here and bash them. Although I have bashed Bieber in previous blogs. Which by the way I bashed him for having such a horrible birthday and he ended up getting a motorcycle with a bat symbol on it. Yeah life must be rough! Anyways I am now known as Nick the music lover.

Sundays seem to be crock pot cooking day for me. Been using the crock pot a lot on Sundays for cooking and tomorrow I will be trying to make pulled bbq pork. I haven't done that one before but the thought of bbq pork on a bun with melted cheese just sounded way too good to pass up. I am looking forward to that. My last project with the chicken tacos was a success. Hell I have been eating tacos like everyday for the past week. Still thinking bout doing stuffed shells soon and having the family over again. Probably not this month though with Easter coming up I am sure people will be busy. I am thinking probably around my birthday would work out best. Yep my birthday is next month. No need to buy me any gifts but I will take money!

Here is the part of the blog where I come off as sounding stalkerish. I admit I look up people on facebook to see if I can find old friends or people I use to work with or whatever. I can't be the only one who does this. I get curious, I can't help it. Well remember cute nurse from my blog the other day? I decided to see if I could find her on facebook and I did. Yes ok that does sound stalkerish but it is not like I am going to message her and be like "hey remember me? you cleaned out my ear the other day". That is just creepy. Creepy enough that I decide to look people up but if I went as far as to message them then yeah that is much more creepy. Besides I don't really like sending emails out anyways. I only do it if I feel it is necessary. Oh and I may of found produce girl from Pick N Save on facebook too. I am sure I mentioned her in my blog over the summer. Yeah anyways would be stalkerish to message her and I am only a stalker to a certain extent.

Ok now that I made everyone think that I am a stalker I think it is time to end this blog. Not sure what the rest of the night holds for me. Hopefully I won't decide to stalk anybody else.

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