And Justice For All

It has been a few days since I decided to write. The last few days I keep saying oh I will write today...oh I will write tomorrow. I just I dunno haven't really felt like it. Of course now I have a lot to say but I suppose that is a good thing?

Let me start off with football. Free agency has started and once again the Packers are doing very little to sign players or resign players. No I am not against them not making big splashs with free agents because you really can't buy championships anyways. The topic this week was will Greg Jennings leave or won't he. I knew he was going to end up leaving. During the year by some of the things that were being said made me think he didn't really want to come back to be a Packer. So he ended up signing with the Vikings. I have my thoughts and opinions on everything but really is it worth it? No. Football is just a game. Players are greedy and they don't care about winning or super bowl rings anymore, they just want their money. I get it that they are athletes and should be paid decent money but they make more money in one year then the majority of us will see in our lifetime. Is it fair? Not really. What can you do about it though? I know! Do something great and get recognized for it!

We now have a new pope so the covering up of sex scandals and priests touching little boys can now continue. It is a joke. I am sorry if people can not handle a joke anymore. Really though the internet has become a place where sensitive people have no business roaming around anymore. Back to the pope though. It is great everyone is happy and hoping that the church can move on from all the shit that has went on but the problem is we will never know the actual truth about anything because everyone is always protecting someone else. This is the same thing with government. It is not just one person being corrupt, it is everyone. Everyone is corrupt now a days but yet people act so shocked when they hear about the latest scandals. It takes a lot to shock me now a days. Best of luck to the pope though.

I am not even sure if I consider myself catholic anymore to be honest. I was raised to be catholic, I went to a catholic school, went to a catholic church, etc. The idea of organized religion though especially after all of this stuff that has went on just I don't know does not appeal to me at all. I know I have said this at one point in time but I do believe in God. I do believe in all of that good stuff. I also do pray. Yes Nick does actually pray and usually on a nightly basis too. About many many things. No I am not sitting there praying that I find a female midget to bang or whatever but it is actually thoughtful prayers for people and just you know overall being thankful for being alive. Personally I believe that praying on your own time and trying to keep in touch with God or whatever it is that you believe in is good enough.

I picked up Rocksmith on steam for the computer. Probably the best thing I could of done. People have made so many custom songs for Rocksmith that I will be keeping myself busy for quite awhile. One song I really wanted to work on is Metallica-And Justice For All. Love that song and it has some great guitar parts. I think I've downloaded like 37 songs today. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I started walking again yesterday. It is still chilly out and there is some snow and a bit of ice on the sidewalks but I was going nuts not going on my walks so I finally said screw it and decided to go out. I only slipped on some ice once! Might be short lived though cause tonight we are suppose to get some snow. Boo! It is almost spring here damn it. I would love to be able to go out for walks without having to put on 50 pounds of clothing and I would love to be able to open up my windows. Well I shall see how the weather is tomorrow cause hopefully I can just keep on going on this without skipping any days. I know there are other things I could do but I really love going for walks. My life feels so incomplete without my walks. I am exaggerating a bit of course. I would be happy with 40s and 50s. I am not that greedy. Especially when I know in a few months I will be bitching bout how hot and humid it is.

So I have been playing WoW a bit again. I know...I know. Bad Nick. Very bad. No I am not going back to full time playing that game. I had 7 free days to try out the game again. So I did. I have all classes at lvl 85 or higher horde side but I kinda got tired of playing horde. I have been playing horde since June of 06. I never really tried alliance. Hell I had only been able to level a character up to level 25 on alliance side prior to this week. I got a gnome shadowpriest up to level 60. The guild I am in they are pretty nice, laid back, and casual. Not serious gamers at all. So I guess what I am saying is a return to WoW might happen but it might be on Alliance side for a change and on a very casual basis.

I have said a lot in this blog but before I go have to take the time to talk about one more thing. I found out that my ex father-in-law had a stroke. I really didn't want to say "ex father-in-law" but it is what it is. A lot of times you see people who go through a divorce and hate their ex's family and whatnot. This isn't me. Maybe I said a lot of things in anger over the years over what had happened but I realize that things that happened were also part of my doing with certain things so years later I hold no grudges and honestly I can say there isn't a person that I actually hate. Hate is too strong of a word anyways. I have other things I want to spend my time on then hating someone. Ok I am getting off track here. Anyways I just want to say to him and his family that I wish them the best of luck with everything and I hope he is ok. He will be in my thoughts and my prayers.

That is all for now.

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