Why 69?

Great Nick, everyone is going to think this blog is about sex when it really isn't about sex at all. Let me just be honest right off the bat, if I were to attempt to write a blog about my sex life I would have nothing to write at all. Yep I enjoy taking shots at myself. Why shouldn't I? It is fun and besides I am just saying what I am sure other people would be thinking anyways, I just beat them to saying it. Really though this morning I was thinking about a few things such as why I feel the need to use the number 69 for a lot of things. This has been an ongoing thing for years though actually. I am sure people come across my blog address and say "oh thenick69.com, that guy must be a big pervert or something". I don't deny being a pervert but me being a perv has nothing to do with why I use the number 69. I just use it cause well it is a sexual reference. No other reason actually. I am sure a majority of people when they are asked think of a number between 1-100 the number that they will come up with is 69. Maybe not everyone but I am sure a lot of people would. Oh true story though from what I have seen from my visitor stats some people think that because I use the number 69 that this has to be some sort of sex site so they visit my page. Ha. See who is the real pervert now? Me for using the number 69 or the people coming to my page thinking it is a porn site or something cause I use the number 69?

Ok enough about all that. Today was a decent day. My brother Jay and his wife Coco invited us over for dinner for some chicken dumpling soup. It was pretty good. I didn't know the whole family was invited over so that was a pleasant surprise to see most of my family over. Like I have seen in the past even if I am in the one sitting in the corner not talking but sitting there listening to people and their conversations I still enjoy being around family. My family is funny and some times the conversations are a bit off the wall but that is what makes it interesting. I am thinking I need to have them all over sometime again soon and I make something like stuffed shells again. Stuffed shells always seems to be a big hit. My stuffed shells are amazing.

I spent a lot of time on Rocksmith this weekend. I got to max rank for guitarist and then decided to start over on a new profile. This was a really great idea on my part because now I have songs thrown at me that I haven't played in months. It is a good refresher and I am kinda amazed how quickly I remembered some songs that I vaguely remember. I was thinking about picking up Rocksmith on the pc for steam. People found a way to make custom Rocksmith songs on the pc and then they add them to the game. Other people can download them. The problem with Rocksmith is there are so many bands out there that people would like to learn but due to licensing and bands just being jackasses some bands will never make it on Rocksmith so with custom songs the possibilities of bands that you can get on Rocksmith is endless. As long as you are not buying anything or trying to sell anything it is perfectly legal. I've seen a lot of Metallica songs put up on there and for me personally that is a major selling point. Metallica has a lot of great songs to learn on guitar and bass. So yeah I might just pick up the pc version of Rocksmith. Since I am playing guitar a lot more now a days it is not like any money would go to waste.

After all the weird things that happened the past 40 something hours I decided to have my voice recorder handy just in case I feel like it is necessary for me to try to catch some type of evp. I couldn't find it at first cause it was buried under a bunch of crap on my computer desk. Then I decided to turn it on to check it out and I am like why the hell won't it turn on. Well Nick it helps to have batteries in the recorder. Dur. Maybe I will just go ahead and do some experimental evps soon to see if anything comes up.

Before I end this blog there are a couple of things I want to point out, nothing really important actually. I've done good writing this year so far. This is my 23rd blog of the year and it is only February. All of 2012 I wrote 21 blogs. This one is the 16th I have written in this month. This blog has been active since May of 09 and this month is the most blogs I have writen in one month since this blog has been up. Cool huh? Ok random but useless facts to end my blog but bear with me. It is important to me!

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