Warning labels

Earlier today I was on facebook reading stuff when there was a news report from channel 12 news on facebook telling people to stay out of the water today. I saw it and my initial reaction was to laugh. Today is a very cold day. It has been in the teens all day with wind chills at 0 or below 0. I mean why would anyone want to go for a swim on a day like this? That is absolutely ridiculous and to have to tell people not to do something stupid like that is even more ridiculous. Common sense. It seems as if people lack it. Common sense should tell you when something that should be obvious is wrong but yet people still do it anyways. This is what prompted my blog tonight called warning labels.

Warning labels are necessary because people obviously are too oblivious to realize the obvious dangers with everyday items. Take for example an oven. Do not touch the racks of an oven while the oven is on cause you may risk getting burned. I dunno my hands are cold a lot, wouldn't it be a good idea to touch the oven racks while the oven is set at like 400 degrees. I mean what harm could come out of it? Burning the crap out of my hands for one thing. I am guilty of touching oven racks while the oven is on. Hey it happens. It is not like I go out of my way to do it, I just happen to brush my hands on the oven racks. What I am getting at though is why are these warning labels there in the first place? Because someone at some point in their life did it. Like don't put gasoline in the oven. Don't put metal in the microwave. Yes I am guilty of that one too. I started a mini fire. I stood there and looked at it and was like "oh what a pretty fire" then it clicked in my head "holy shit the microwave is on fire". It was a small fire. No harm done. I laugh about it now of course. Some of the warning labels out there are just ridiculous and even more ridiculous when you think that someone actually has went and done all this stuff.

Hot coffee from McDonalds. Caution coffee may be hot. I wonder how many people purposely spill coffee on themselves just to sue McDonalds? Here is one I just found out tonight: do not insert screwdriver into penis. Oh my God. Ouch! Again I say ouch! Again if there is a warning for it then it means someone has done it before. Do not stick your hand in a snow blower. Do not eat glass. Don't drink bleach. Do not eat IPod, lol yes that is an actual one. Do not put a person in a washing machine or drying machine. Oh but the midgets have fun in those things! On a coat hanger: do not swallow. Warning label on a sword: do not attempt to swallow. I mean I could go on forever with all the warnings that are out there but you get the point. Warning labels are necessary because people do some really strange shit. It is funny and yet quite sad to think of some of the shit people have done that prompted warning labels on things.

In other news it was a very cold day today. I spent the majority of my day playing Rocksmith. I downloaded some new songs and had some fun learning them. One song I had fun with was "American Woman" by the Guess Who. That is a fun song to play. Course now I have it stuck in my head. I am glad that I picked up that game because it has renewed my interest in playing music whether it be on guitar or bass. Now if they would just add some Sabbath, Maiden, or Metallica I'd be a very happy camper.

The Rush concert was confirmed today. I am not sure if I am going or not yet. My sister Cindy saw Rush a couple of years back at Summer fest plus even though it is on 4th of July it is during the week and she has to work. If I can't go then it isn't the end of the world. I would like to go but eh we will see what happens.

That is about it for now but I am sure I will be back soon with something to talk about.

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