Do you own a GPS? If you do then you realize how annoying they can be at times. You put in the location of where you want to go and you start driving. Suddenly this voice comes on and starts saying the word recalculating. If you are like my father you drive the totally different way of what it told for you to do so it is like a nonstop recalculating. Somehow I think he liked doing that just to hear it. Cruel and unusual punishment I tell you!

Life can be comparable to a GPS. You plan out a path for yourself and you are hellbent on sticking to that path. Things seem smooth at first then you encounter a detour. What happens? You have to recalculating your plans to adjust. Life goes on and yet another roadblock. Yet again you have to recalculate. This isn't just a one time occurrence though. Sometimes we go through many bumps, detours, roadblocks, etc. We have to constantly recalculate to navigate our path through life. Some people do this better then others. Some of us are just awful at recalculating. Then some of us go through many trials and tribulations before we finally see that our recalculating skills need an adjustment. They may still make the occasional mistakes from time to time but at least they have gotten the memo that they had been recalculating wrong. Which one do I fall under? I am the one who had to go through many wrong recalculations to determine that I had to go about them in another way. Work in progress is all I can say.

I suppose this would work in relationships too. All of us have to learn to recalculate. You get with a person or decide to stand by a person who is horrible at recalculating. Ultimately you have to come to the decision of are you going to go along for the ride with this person or are you going to go down a different path. You want to think that this person knows what they are doing but sometimes you have to realize they just don't have a clue.

So life is comparable to a GPS. You hope that you will get to your destination but you know there may be a chance of some roadblocks and detours along the way. We may go through many recalculations but sometimes we will never navigate to the final destination so sometimes we might just have to totally change our original plans and find a new destination and hope that we can find our way there.

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