I shall seek her out and slay her!

It is a cold Saturday afternoon. What better way to kill some time then writing. Oh I know everyone is so overjoyed by this. My blogs bring happiness to an otherwise dark boring existence. Admit it! Ok I am just hanging out listening to music by my laptop trying to think of a title for the blog before I even begin writing and then it dawns on me, just write and think of something as you are writing. Brilliant idea Nick. Just brilliant! I promise not to rant in this blog about stuff well maybe. Sometimes I don't even know what I am going to write until I am here typing away and then I think oh yes I will talk about that. So lets see where this goes today.

I am amused over a picture I just saw on facebook. It is a meme that says "I hate when people take my glasses and say wow you really can't see. No shit, I don't take a random persons wheelchair and say wow you really can't walk". That just amused me. I have had that happen plenty of times. People trying to see out of my glasses and they tell me that. Seriously are you telling me something that I don't know already? I mean there is a reason why I wear glasses for. It isn't so I can look more like a nerd then I already do, it is so I can see what the hell I am doing. I'll be honest the majority of the time I spend on facebook now a days is to see what random amusing crap people post. If it wasn't for a few people that I like talking to and keeping in touch with I would totally just hate facebook and using it. Frankly other then browsing random stuff, listening to music, and writing these blogs I don't even care much for the internet anymore. Took me almost 17 years but it is there. I am pretty sure the internet hates me too. Yay at least the feeling is mutual then.

In my mind I have been working on a sequel to the Face story I wrote last June. I had to reread that story a bit just to familiarize myself with what was going on. I was amused with what I came up with so far. I think there is some potential there to make the story keep going. I haven't started writing Face 2 yet but I am sure it will be up sometime in the near future for people to read. I have some ideas as to where to go with it, it should be funny.

I have other ideas for possible short mini stories as well as other things. One idea I had was bringing back the Mud Monster stories that I wrote as a kid. Hell I don't remember them really that well but I know I had a whole series of stories about these monsters that were made out of mud that would attack people and I would always be there to save the day. Not sure what I ever did with those stories. I know at one point they were taken away from me in 4th grade by the teacher cause I was writing almost sex life stuff. Yes in 4th grade I was writing stuff that I probably shouldn't of. I don't remember what was said but obviously the teacher didn't approve of it. How dare she try to destroy my potential. I shall seek her out and slay her! Ok not really. I don't even remember my teacher's name. It might be mentioned on 4th grade class picture however. I must go look later. I will find the beast and slay her! Again I am not being serious. I don't need the cops showing up here saying I am making threats against a former teacher. Anyways I totally got away from what I was saying. Mud Monster stories, interesting or no?

Oh so I have been having sinus issues for awhile now. Damn winter, you go to hell...you go to hell and you die! Anyways sometimes when that happens it kinda just effects other things for me like my ears. I have this issue every now and then where my ear will pop and it won't pop back into place. Sometimes it lasts days, sometimes weeks. It is annoying. So the morning of valentine's day my ear popped and I couldn't hear much at all. Made the most used word in this house the word huh. My father is hard of hearing so he says huh to me all the time when I talk to him so I got to return the favor. A house where 2 people can't hear each other. Brilliant. This could make real life emergencies suck though. "The house is on fire. Huh, I can't hear you? I said the house is on fire. Huh, the house is what? Oh never mind, just don't burn to death k? Burn to death, what the fuck?" My hearing seems to be getting better so I think it is clearing up. Yay. Next time I go to the doctor I should probably ask her to check my ears if she could.

Anyways I think that is all for now. I would like to thank people who continue to read my pointless ramblings. I love you all, well not really...I am just saying that to be nice. Until next time behave and slay the beasts!

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