Forever Alone Day

Oh yes it is a joyous day today. Today is forever alone day or as everyone else calls it valentine's day. Don't worry this isn't going to be some writing where I cry and bitch about how I am single and how I desperately wish I was in a relationship so I could blow all my damn money on some chick whom I most likely will wake up the next morning with saying "man I get to look forward to looking at this bitch for the rest of my life?". Nope it will not be like that at all. Anyways why do I call it forever alone day? Duh cause I am single. If I was in a relationship I would refer to it as forever with the same bitch day. I am kidding. Yes I feel like I should point that out because someone is going to read this and be like omg if this is how you really feel about females then no wonder why you are single.  I joke and I am sarcastic, deal with it.

Sometimes yes it does suck being single. The companionship is nice. Having someone to talk to is nice. Someone to hug, kiss, etc is nice too. With that being said I am perfectly fine with being single. After everything I have experienced in regards to the other sex I am in no rush to get involved with anyone at all. I am not bashing any females I have been with or been interested in. I know exactly why I am single. I don't need people to point out my flaws and my mistakes because I am well aware of them. More or less how I feel about the situation now is when it happens it happens. I see people desperately wanting to be with someone so they throw themselves into a situation that is going to end very badly with one or both people getting hurt. I have been there. I have so badly wanted to be in relationships that I would never see the big picture. Especially with the last person I was going after. I am thankful that it fell through because it opened up my eyes to a lot of things that I was doing wrong. I see a lot of people put blame on the opposite sex to why they are alone and why they have such bad luck in relationships when really all they have to do is take a good look at themselves to realize that sometimes it is more then just the other person, sometimes it is them. So again I know why I am single already and I don't need lectures from other people as to why I am single cause trust me I know.

I understand why people go apeshit over valentine's day. It is nice to have one day a year that is dedicated just to being told how much you are loved and cared for and all that wonderful stuff. The thing that I never liked about this holiday is why should doing all that stuff be limited to one day. If you can't express to someone how much you care about them and love them on a daily basis why are you even in a relationship anyways? It shouldn't be just limited to one day out of the year. Even the little things count. Don't sit around and wait for one day out of the year to tell someone how you feel or do something special for that person do it more often. Do it year round. Tell someone that you care bout them or love them everyday if you have to. Do something out of the ordinary whenever you feel like. Don't wait for a specific day. If you wait for a specific day that person may not even be in your life anymore and you may of just blown your chance at something great. I guess the point is people expect something on valentines day and you know that is great and all but why does it have to be limited to just one day? Granted I am not perfect myself. I think in the past I tried to do little things randomly throughout the year just cause I could but I suppose that is just how I am. I've never made that big of a deal about valentines day but it doesn't mean that when it gets to this day that I just say ok I am going to skip it. I still try to do something or well I did when I was in a relationship. Did I feel obligated to? Not really. It is one of those things that as a guy you should never forget v-day, birthdays, and anniversaries but again random acts of "niceness" is not limited to just those days.

I had one really great valentines day 16 years ago. February 14th 1997 me, my friend Jeff, and Brent went to see Metallica with CoC opening for them. We were like 5 rows away from the stage. The stage though was pretty huge. Anyways that was an amazing night. Loud music, screaming, headbanging, etc. Jeff and Brent had never seen Metallica live before that so it was one of those special moments. I had gotten them both into listening to Metallica and kept telling them that if there is one band to see live that it was Metallica. Which btw I still recommend to anyone who hasn't seen Metallica live to go see them at least once. When the concert was over on the way home they had started a Metallica A-Z on 102.9 so all night long we had Metallica on the radio. The night was dedicated to Metallica and being with friends and having fun. Nights like that I miss and I will cherish forever.

I am curious to see what this day will be like for me next year. Will it be the same or will there be something different in my life? Honestly I am confident that things will be much different a year from now. Maybe next year my forever alone day will be my forever stuck with the same old bitch day cause you know things do happen especially when we least expect it.

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